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Ishita and Naman, UAE

Replete with dance, music, and dazzling elegance, this couple’s nuptials hosted under the bright Arabian sun exuded joy and glamor.

When it came to tying the knot in style, Ishita and Naman left no stone unturned in their quest for perfection. From a glitzy sangeet night that looked straight out of a Bollywood flick to a muted pastel themed floral mandap that was the epitome of dreaminess, calling their nuptials a feast for the eyes would be an understatement. And, capturing each moment in expressive frames was WeddingSutra Favorite – DotDusk Studios who with undying dedication and superior expertise seized every tender moment in shots that’ll be treasured for a lifetime.

Ishita and Naman, UAE

Wedding Planning
Acknowledging the importance of having a good photographer on the squad, the couple roped in DotDusk Studios who with each click captured a plethora of emotions. At every step of the way, the photography team ensured that not a single special moment was lost as they captured the beginning of a new chapter in Ishita and Naman’s lives.

Ishita and Naman, UAE

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding Shoot by DotDusk Studios

Pre-wedding Shoot by DotDusk Studios Ishita and Naman celebrate their love on a cold winter morning in Delhi.

Weddings Functions

Fun Haldi Ceremony Ishita basks in happiness as her loved ones smear her with turmeric.

Welcome Dinner Party

Welcome Dinner Party Stage Decor The stage is set for a night full of glitz and dazzle!

Ishita and Naman, UAE

Bride and Groom Entry with Dancers The couple makes a smashing entrance heralded by graceful dancers.

Ishita and Naman, UAE Naman’s best buds boost him up on their shoulders in this well-composed shot captured by DotDusk Studios.

Bride & Groom Dance Performance Taking the stage by storm, one twirl at a time.


Sangeet Decor A mesmerizing entrance to a fun-filled evening.

Ishita and Naman, UAE

Bride Performance Ishita executes a perfect twirl as she grooves to her favorite tunes.

Ishita and Naman, UAE Friends and family showcase their best moves under colorful spotlights.

Happy moment Warm embraces and dazzling smiles punctuate this lovable moment between the couple.

Ishita and Naman, UAE What’s a sangeet without a few peppy bhangra moves?

Ishita and Naman, UAE Nothing can stop this crowd from dancing their heart out!

After Party

Ishita and Naman, UAE Whatever happens, don’t stop dancing!

Ishita and Naman, UAE Setting the bar high one shot at a time!

Beach Lunch

Ishita and Naman, UAE Dressed in a beautiful ice blue dress, Ishita makes a captivating entry to the lunch.

Ishita and Naman, UAE The couple enjoys a moment of solitude under the sun.


Wedding mandap Surrounded by lush palms and deep blue waters, this mandap is jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Wedding Day Makeup
Bride Wedding Look

Photography by DotDusk Studios Pampered and happy, DotDusk Studios captures this tender moment between the bride and her girl squad in a stunning frame.

Bride's entry Flanked by her Dad and brother, Ishita walks gracefully down the aisle towards her groom.

Ishita and Naman, UAE The duo makes an offering together to the holy fire during the ceremony.

Ishita and Naman, UAE The newlyweds strike an elegant pose amidst the grandeur.


Ishita and Naman, UAE The great music maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan enthralls the crowd with his enchanting tunes.

Ishita and Naman, UAE Phones out and smiles on, everyone revels in the magical performance.

Ishita and Naman, UAE Bathed in red, the atmosphere has a serene yet glamorous vibe to it.

Ishita and Naman, UAE The newlyweds end the magical evening on a high note surrounded by their families as they watch glorious fireworks lighting up the sky.

The Wedding Makers
Location: Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE
Entertainment: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Reception)
Photography: DotDusk Studios

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