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Nan and Sunny – Bangkok

College sweethearts Nan and Sunny celebrated eight years of courtship and a future together with a grand wedding in Bangkok. Here the bride tells us all about it.

How we met
We were in different faculties – I was in BBA and Sunny in Social Sciences – but in MUIC, whenever there’s a break from class, despite there being several places to hang out, we always ended up hanging out in the same area.

We were part of the same huge group of friends and after two years of knowing each other, Sunny asked me out on a date. We continued seeing each other and were dating for eight years before we got married.

Our secret to keeping our love so fresh? We aren’t perfect, but we never give up on each other. Our relationship is great not because we don’t have problems, but because we put everything into it and find ways to make it work. We want to be together. We can’t live without each other. Everyday we wake up and thank God we have each other. Everyday we love like there is no tomorrow.

Wedding Venue & Functions
Our families are from Bangkok and we decided to get married here too. We had three days of festivities – a mehndi and ring ceremony, the wedding and a reception. The main factors at play were the size of the hall and the quality and variety of the food.

I’d like to give credit to our wedding planners, Khun Nipu and Khun Kripa, for the wonderful decor and artwork they did for all the functions. The mehndi and ring ceremony was held at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, and the theme was ‘humtum and hungama’ which was supposed to be fun and colourful and they put their hearts into it. Every element in the décor was well designed, the dance floor and stage beautifully made.

One of the many fun things we did that night was that whenever the DJ console went silent the bartenders gave everyone a drink.

The wedding was conducted at the Gurudwara Singh Sahba Bangkok.

The reception was hosted at The Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok. The theme was ‘Love Deluxe’ and I have to say the décor was a dream come true. It made my jaw drop. I’d always wanted to get married in a beautiful garden surrounded by flowers, trees, nature… we sat down with the wedding planner and I got everything I asked for and more! There was a waterfall, golden trees, flowers everywhere. You must see it to believe it!

My entire trousseau was from Neena Sehgal Boutique right here in Bangkok. Her collections are stylish, delicate and classy. We travelled to India to buy jewellery.

The Wedding Makers
We would like to thank our wedding planners Élan Events by Nipunika for putting their hearts into planning and designing our magical wedding that we’ll remember for a lifetime.
Special thanks for Khun Neena Sehgal for the ensembles she created for Sunny, most of the family and me. We love her collections and her hospitality has been first class.
Thank you to our photographer, the Tra-Karn-Ta team, for capturing memories, creating wonderful cinematography, taking pre-wedding photos, live videos over the three days of our wedding.
Thank you to our make-up and hair team, Khun Oil Warada and Khun Nicky Bee for doing such beautiful work for both of us, from the pre-wedding until the reception day.
And last but not least, we’re so grateful to our parents and families for always being there for us. We love you all so much!

Photos courtesy- Tra-Karn-Ta, Bangkok

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