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Payal Narang and Dhruv Gandhi – Rayong, Thailand

Payal & Dhruv considered some hotels in Hua Hin, but one look at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Rayong and they knew this was where they wanted to be married.

Payal moved to Mumbai from Belgium two years ago when she met Mumbai-boy Dhruv at a club in the city. “It was Bollywood Night and I am as Bollywood as a person can be,” confesses Payal. A friend introduced her to Dhruv who happened to know the DJ at the club. “I asked him if he could get them to play Fevicol for me.” Dhruv did and Payal didn’t stop requesting songs all night.

Wedding Venue

We wanted a beach wedding and a venue to accommodate about 250 people so we could have the resort to ourselves. We considered some hotels in Hua Hin, but one look at the Marriott Resort and Spa in Rayong and we knew this was where we’d be married. We closed the deal immediately.

Between our awesome wedding planners and the hotel’s team, the process of organizing the events was quite smooth and efficient.

Wedding Events

The festivities kicked off with a Mehndi by the pool, overlooking the beach. Our décor in teal and orange looked absolutely stunning as it mirrored the azure blue pool and the glowing sunset. It was a great party and it peaked when all of us, in our Indian finery, jumped into the pool at the end!

Later that night, the Sangeet had a Fevicol theme, because that was the song that started it all off. It was a totally Bollywood Sangeet and we danced until almost sunrise.

The following day, we had a Sikh wedding ceremony, held on a hill, high above the beach with a view of the horizon. The color scheme here was a beautiful peach and gold. We made off for the Vidaai on a scooter!

The culmination of the celebrations was the reception, held on a lush lawn, amidst gently swaying white curtains with beautiful chandeliers overhead. As we walked in, our friends and family held sparklers, illuminating our way. It was magical.

Wedding Makers

Makeup and Hair- Simran Takkar
Videographer- The Wedding Filmer. We couldn’t have had anyone better!
Photographers- Aidan Dockery and Kerry Manning captured all our special moments beautifully.
Music and Sound- DJ AJ played all my Bollywood music requests even though Dhruv hates it!
Wedding Planners- Pink Palki – they made our wedding come together so seamlessly and made all our dreams come true!

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