A classic story of best-friends falling in love, Priya and Mayank took their own sweet time to discover and admit their true feelings for each other. When they finally saw what was obvious to everyone around them, there was no looking back! Mayank 'sealed' the deal by gifting Priya her beloved Golden Retriever puppy- Oscar.

Oscar was such an integral part of their story that the couple just had to include him in the pre-wedding shoot. Needing an open space where he could be let loose to do his thing, the couple decided upon Lodhi Garden and spent a wonderful few hours with Oscar.

Priya & Mayank chose Le Meridien, in Jaipur, as their destination wedding venue. They had visited Le Meridien a few months earlier for a friend's wedding and fell in love with the venue. They had only one requirement for the wedding- to be surrounded by close family and friends and for ever yone to have the time of their lives at the 2-day-long-party! The hotel provided the perfect setting- from the spacious and luxurious rooms, to the beautiful venues and the hospitality- and everyone was well looked after.

The festivities began with the Mehndi. A Rajasthani themed event from the decor to the menu, it was the perfect way to spend a lovely late winter afternoon. By the time the Dhol-wallahs made an entrance, the gang was at their prime!

The ring ceremony', was short and sweet and so the rings were photographed on the day's news paper, which made the date memorable.

And there was a whole lot of dancing- dances to tell the Priya-Mayank story, some romantic and some just for fun.

In fact, the guests were having so much fun that they p retty much pulled an 'all-nighter'! It's a wonder that they were able to be awake and fresh for the Choora & Haldi Ceremonies in the morning.

The Baraat assembled at one far corner of the venue, where Mayank climbed on to an adorable and friendly elephant. Yes, elephant. The wedding was in Rajasth an after all, and only a royal entry would do.

Then entered the bride, looking resplendent in her Sabyasachi lehenga.

The ceremony was a beautiful one, with the couple surrounded by those closest to them.

Priya and Mayank made everything, including planning and executing a wedding, seem so easy th at everyone around were elated- to see two lovely people find true, romantic love in their very best friend!

Photos Courtesy- Arjun Kartha http://arjunkarthaphotography.com

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