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Anushka and Vivek, Thailand

Held aloft by pretty helium balloons the veil of this bride’s engagement gown floated just as gracefully as her walk down the aisle with her parents.

With a love story that began in college, Anushka and Vivek knew from the first introduction itself that there was something special brewing in between them. As years flew by, their love steadily grew stronger and the duo mutually agreed to begin a new chapter in their lives by tying the knot at scenic Thailand, famed for its stunning views and hospitality. Capturing their fun-filled nuptials were WeddingSutra Favorite – Knotting Bells who with their superior skills behind the lens produced well-composed shots for the couple to cherish forever.

Anushka and Vivek

How They Met
Vivek shares, “We first met in college via a mutual friend and hit it off instantly. Somehow, as the years passed by, both of us realized that we liked each other immensely. Hence, no proposal was required from either side. However, things did fast-forward a bit when Anushka’s Dad called me out of the blue and started enquiring about our future plans. So, as soon as I got back from London after pursuing my masters, our parents caught up and we got engaged.”

Wedding Venue
“We were sure from the beginning that we wanted a close-knit wedding. Our main goal was to ensure that we and our guests enjoyed the nuptials to the fullest. Therefore, a destination wedding was an obvious choice. Additionally, Anushka has always been keen on having a beach wedding, so Thailand fit us perfectly with its pristine beaches and impeccable hospitality.
As we began scouting for locations, we stumbled upon Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa which had our heart from the first recce itself.”, shares Vivek.

Wedding Planning
Completely hands-on in their approach when it came to planning their wedding, Anushka and Vivek left no stone unturned as they worked hard to ensure that their nuptials were truly unique. Trusting experts, they handed over the reins in the photography department to Knotting Bells who impressed them with each shot. The couple shares, “From the first meeting itself we were absolutely sure about Knotting Bells. Being camera conscious, it was important for us to feel comfortable in front of the lens and team Knotting Bells made it extremely easy for us. Our experience with them was amazing and we’d happily work with them again.”

When it came to the wedding favors, the duo went local and explored the markets of Bangkok. Vivek shares, “We wanted to give our guests something useful and memorable. For the welcome hamper, we picked cane bags, and as a ‘thank you’ gift each guest was given a beautiful hand-painted tea set. All goodies were handpicked and sourced locally from the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.”

Being Jain, somehow, didn’t turn out to be an obstacle for the duo as they had a watertight plan in place for the food spread. Vivek shares, “Despite our entire menu being Jain, we didn’t have to compromise on the spread at all. Being foodies at heart, we made sure that there was something new at every event, so that the attendees could enjoy the local Thai cuisine. We booked Richie Rich Caterers for the traditional sweets and Gujarati food, and we chose Ganesh for the South Indian breakfast spread, Tukta for sangeet, and Nadimos for the wedding. Also, coconut water was served at each event with our customized monogram on them.”

Adding to the team were makeup artist Vanita and hairstylist Panita, wedding planner The Crimson Circle, decorators Elan Events by Nipunika, and mehndi artist Jasmine.

Weddings Functions

Welcome lunch
Commencing the nuptials with a welcome lunch that consisted of Thai cultural influences, the celebrations were off to a smashing start. Guests were welcomed with garlands, traditional dancers and a tilak. Monogrammed welcome drinks along with customized passport covers and baggage tags were also given to them while checking in.

Following a ‘White wedding’ theme, the engagement ceremony was by the beach and included seashells, pastel bloom, umbrellas, and fairy lights in the decor. To reflect the theme, each guest was presented with a pastel themed bracelet and boutonnière. However, the highlight of the event was Anushka’s outfit, a pristine white gown whose veil gently floated in the air due to the ingeniously attached helium balloons that elegantly carried it with the wind.

Replete with tender emotions and high spirits, the event ended on a high note as everyone showed off their best moves on the dance floor.

White wedding theme
helium balloons in veil
Waiting for groom
Groom on aisle
Couple portrait

Pool party
Named ‘How deep is your love’, the pool party was a boisterous affair and stayed true to its aquatic theme with a mermaid in the pool and a dunk tank. Guests were presented with hats, shorts, and floral garlands that matched the decor so that everyone could feel the part. Foam and rain dance ensured that no one was left sitting idly as everyone congregated on the dance floor. Raw mango, gooseberries, and a mocktail bar indulged everyone’s appetite.

Pool party outfit ideas
Couple entry for pool party
Pool party fun

With a unique circus theme, the sangeet followed a red color palette with decor elements inspired by the circus. Hosted under a rich red canopy with a checkered dance floor that encouraged everyone to shake a leg, it was a complete family affair replete with tender moments. Surprising her parents with a special dance, Anushka was all smiles as she was joined on stage by Vivek who added an extra zing to the playful atmosphere.

Circus theme sangeet
Live Band setup
red canopy
Checkered Dance floor
Couple Dance

Haldi & Holi
After a close-knit mandap mahurat, the duo geared up for a playful Haldi and Holi ceremony where they were doused in plenty of turmeric and love. With everyone dressed in shades of yellow, the function stayed true to its name ‘And it was all yellow’. Reflecting joy with family performances and refreshments like sugar cane juice served in bamboo glasses and a buttermilk bar, everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest underneath the bright blue sky. However, the highlight of the afternoon was the couple’s entry which was heralded by smoke bombs and dholwalas.

Yellow theme
Haldi outfit ideas

Holi colors
Fun Haldi Ceremony
Bride’s Mehendi
Haldi Ceremony
Candid Photography
Yellow theme Haldi and Holi

Making the most of the foamy sea waves that surrounded the venue, the couple’s wedding day celebrations were hosted by the beach under a mandap adorned with delicate pink and white blooms. Both Anushka and Vivek chose to make a unique entry and had their respective baaratis accompanying them. This was followed by a breathtaking varmala ceremony in the middle of the pool as traditional Thai dancers posed in floating lotuses. However, the bride’s approach on a boat under the phoolon ki chadar towards the mandap was another the highlight of the event.
Beach Wedding
Elegant look for pheras
Elegant look for pheras
Groom’s entry
Bride’s Entry on boat
Vermala Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony

Gala dinner
In order to celebrate the glorious union of the newlyweds, a gala dinner was organized on top of Kob Fah Hill where a special video created by Knotting Bells was much appreciated by the guests. Sparkling cold pyros announced the newlyweds’ entry as they enjoyed their first party together as man and wife.
After the dinner, an after-party ensued following ‘the pajama jam’ theme where everyone turned up in their finest leisurewear and partied through the wee hours of the night.

Advice For Couples
Vivek advises, “Start planning everything well in advance especially if you have a destination wedding on the cards. Pay close attention to each detail, and once the festivities begin, just stop stressing and enjoy. No matter how perfect you want everything to be if something has to go wrong it will and there’s nothing to stop it. But this magical day only comes once in your lifetime, so make sure you make the most of it!”

The Wedding Makers
Venues: Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa, Thailand; Kob Fah Hill (Gala Dinner)
Wedding Planner: The Crimson Circle
Décor: Elan Events by Nipunika
Caterers: Richie Rich, Ganesh, Tukta, Nadimos
Groom’s Outfits: SVA By Sonam & Paras Modi (Welcome Party), Vranda Bang (Engagement, Pool Party, Mandap Mahurat), Shantanu & Nikhil (Sangeet), Battle Harbour Design Studio (Haldi), Ashtamangala (Gala Dinner), OH!Fish (Pyjama Party), H & M (Pyjama Party)
Bride’s Outfits: SVA By Sonam & Paras Modi (Welcome Party), Purvi Doshi (Engagement), Vineti Bolaki (Pool Party), Vasansi Jaipur (Sangeet, Haldi), Shakun (Mandap Mahurat), Anushree Reddy (Gala Dinner), OH!Fish (Pyjama Party), H & M (Pyjama Party)
Accessories: House of D’oro (Pool Party)
Makeup: Vanita
Hairstyling: Panita
Mehndi: Jasmine
Entertainment: Antonio (Engagement), Alap Desai (wedding)
Emcee: Junaid (Engagement, Pool Party)
Choreography: Neerav Bavlecha (Sangeet)
Photography and Videography: Knotting Bells

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