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Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi

In a city known for its extravagant weddings, this duo stood apart with their simple yet stylish #KatMan nuptials at a beautiful farmhouse in New Delhi.

With just one elaborate function at their day-long wedding, Manini and Kartikeya’s nuptials were truly a standout affair. The couple focused on celebrating their bond with their nearest and dearest in attendance. Bride Manini shares with us the details of her well-planned and perfectly executed wedding. 

Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi

How we Met
“Kartikeya and I met through common friends in Mumbai a few years ago and started dating in 2011. Within the first couple of years, we both knew that this was it and that we would love to spend the rest of our lives together.”

“He proposed to me in January 2017 when we were on holiday in Sri Lanka. Kartikeya stayed true to his love for filmmaking, and he surprised me with the cutest video asking me to marry him. He got our families and closest friends to tell me that I should marry him. He even included some clips of his puppy who is my weakness in this video. He showed me the video one evening when we were sitting at Bentota Beach. He handed me his phone and plugged in the earphones. I had no clue what the video was, but as it played, it became clear. The last shot of the video showed him on one knee asking me to marry him with a gorgeous ring in his hand. Clearly, I said ‘Yes,’ and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. He always brings a smile to my face and I hope that I do the same!”

Wedding Venue
“We had always wanted to get married at one of our friend’s farmhouse in Chattarpur. They had been very kind and offered to host our nuptials there. While we did consider another venue, as it turns out, things didn’t work out over there because of which we were back to our original choice. The space was breathtaking as it surrounded by tall Ashoka trees. I had always wanted a daytime winter wedding in an open-air location, and this fit the picture perfectly!”

Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi

Wedding planning
“Kartikeya and I wanted to be very hands-on with our wedding and were involved in taking care of every minute aspect of our big day, so we decided against having a wedding planner. Our parents were a huge support in the entire process of planning and execution. This was one of the most important events of our lives, and we dedicated ourselves wholly into making it a memorable one. We did, however, hire Ridhi Nagu of Phoolandevi Events to help us with our wedding decor. Memento of Shades was the team that was in charge of candid photography while Kartikeya’s company Orange Kat Films shot our video.”

“As for the catering, Kartikeya and I both are major foodies, therefore ensuring that the spread at our wedding was delectable was one of the key focus areas for us.We did multiple rounds of tastings until we were convinced with every dish that would be served. We went ahead with the team at The Embassy Catering who went out of their way to understand our food choices, and they outdid our expectations. We highly recommend them!”

“My makeup and hair were done by my closest childhood friend – Jasmeet Kapany. She and her team couldn’t have made me happier. I loved the look she created for me, and it was ideal for an outdoor wedding.”

“Our friends were invited to our celebrations only through e-invites, and our parents printed the same files for their invitees. My friend Shagun Mitra, who is a creative genius, designed these for us.”

Wedding Functions

“We were quite certain that we didn’t want multiple functions, so we hosted a one-day celebration where the wedding was the only function that we had. The day’s revelries started at our respective homes where our nearest and dearest gathered to set the mood and spend time with us on our special day.”

After this, the party moved to the wedding venue. The decor there was reminiscent of a vintage backyard garden. We mixed solid color drapes with those that had floral prints. Additionally, a lot of little details such as flowers, vintage furniture, origami butterflies, paper lanterns, floral vinyl for the dance floor and so on were added by Ridhi to elevate the decor and the mood of the setup. The entry points for the guests as well as the bride were bamboo frames draped in a floral fabric. We kept the decor minimum as we wanted to maintain the original charm of this lovely garden. Ridhi understood my brief perfectly and did a fabulous job with the decorations.”

“Kartikeya’s favorite color is orange, and that was the prominent color in the baraat. There were orange balloons tied to the golf cart and distributed amongst the baraatis. Before the jaimala, the balloons were released at the same time to further the spirit of celebration. We had arranged for special hip flasks that featured our wedding hashtag #KatMan. These were courtesy Baroque which is a brand which is owned by Kartikeya’s cousin, Sumalini Khullar.”

“For my jaimala entry, I had always wanted to enter on the soundtrack ‘Best day of my life’ by the band American Authors. An unconventional choice, I know, but it truly defines us. We were happy and laughing throughout the day, and that was exactly how I wanted it to be. I’m not a shy person and wasn’t going to be a typical coy bride. I even danced a little while entering. The wedding flowed into a sundowner party that continued till the night.”

Manini and Kartikeya, New DelhiManini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New DelhiManini and Kartikeya, New DelhiManini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi Manini and Kartikeya, New Delhi

Advice For Couples
“Don’t stress once the wedding madness starts. This is the time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities. Let others handle the event for you from then on. Remember – a happy bride is the best kind so just stay calm and you’ll have the most amazing time of your life! Also, make sure that your clothes and jewels don’t overshadow your persona. You are the one who should stand out and not the other way around.”

The Wedding Makers
Decor: Phoolandevi Events
Bride’s Outfits: Sushma Creations, Mumbai
Makeup and Hair: Jasmeet Kapany
Invitations: Shagun Mitra
Wedding Favors: Baroque.co.in
Caterer: The Embassy Catering

Photography: Memento of Shades
Videography: Orange Kat Films

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