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Moonisha and Chirag at The Maidens Crown and Surya Gardens, New Delhi

Chirag wooed Moonisha with flowers, and their wedding in New Delhi bloomed with floral decor and festive celebrations

Our series, ‘Featured Weddings’ brings you wonderful moments from weddings held at the finest venues across different cities. Here, bride Moonisha tells us all about how she met her soul mate and their wedding celebrations in New Delhi.

How we met
Chirag and Moonisha studied in the same high school, and that’s where she says Chirag fell in love with her at first sight. “Coming from a conservative family, I didn’t want relationships so we parted ways and pursed further education separately,” shares Moonisha. Chirag, a software engineer by profession, flew to the US to study back then while Moonisha enrolled in a Fashion Design course. When Chirag returned to India for a holiday, he got in touch with her friends and they met again. But this was no ordinary catch-up. “He booked an entire Cafe Coffee Day outlet and had it decorated with flowers and candles. Chirag had even arranged for ‘I Love You’ to be written in rose petals on a table.” Their relationship took a turn from there on, and deepened over long phone conversations when he returned to the US. Chirag proposed to Moonisha in October 2009 over the phone and she accepted. They sustained a 7-year long engagement and tied the knot at The Maiden Crown in New Delhi. Due to paucity of time, the couple skipped the pre-wedding shoot.

Moonisha and Chirag

Wedding Venue and Functions
“Our sagan was held at The Maiden Crown in New Delhi. I wanted our decor to be simple yet trendy and he wanted it to match our dress code. So we ended up having traditional decor with hints of Imperial Red, which was also the colour of my gown. I wanted my sagan dress to be unconventional – sort of with a fairytale vibe – so I designed it accordingly,” recounts Moonisha. The flouncy red skirt of her gown was paired with a short-sleeved silver top studded with glass work. She opted for a side bun with a fancy silver hairband as she wanted a “soft and modern look to match my Western gown”. Jitin Rathore transformed Moonisha into a modern-day princess with make-up and teased soft curls to frame her face. Chirag wore a dark brown bandgala suit with light brown patterns.

Moonisha and Chirag

Moonisha and Chirag

Moonisha and Chirag

The wedding ceremony was held at a farmhouse – Surya Garden – in New Delhi. Moonisha shares, “I don’t like marriages in enclosed spaces like within the four walls of a hotel. I wanted the venue to look regal and have open spaces as well where we could host live performances, stage an impressive entry for the bride and groom and have hookah bars and other treats for guests.” Moonisha is very fond of flowers, so the wedding décor was largely floral – this included flowery chandeliers in themes of vibrant pink and golden. The stage and mandap were also festooned with beautiful seasonal blooms.

For the wedding, Moonisha wore an ornate red lehenga with gold and crystal work. She designed this ensemble and had it stitched by Abhishek and Anuradha. From a modern princess in a Western gown to a traditional Indian maharani, Moonisha looked regal in her heavy golden neckpiece, dangling earrings, jhoomar, maang tikka and nath. Make-up artist Riya Rathore gave her an elegant illuminated look that matched her lehenga and jewellery perfectly. Chirag looked princely in his heavy gold-red sherwani with matching pajamas, deep red stole and ornate safa.

Moonisha and Chirag

Most of the wedding arrangements were done by both families. The catering was by Food Art Hospitality, a New Delhi-based outdoor catering company. Moonisha was impressed with Priyanka Kamboj of Design Aqua who was her wedding photographer. “She saw us as her friends and not as just a bride and groom. I still remember she helped me get ready in the green room – no photographer will do that,” recalls Moonisha.

The Wedding Makers
Wedding Planner: Kunal Chaudhary of Reinvent
Bridal Trousseau: Self-designed by the bride Moonisha, and stitched by Anuradha and Abhishek.
Make-up & Hair: Jitin Rathore (Sagan) and Riya Rathore (Wedding).
Catering: Food Art Hospitality

Photos courtesy- Design Aqua by Priyanka Kamboj

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