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Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra

Nikita and Ajinkya's wedding celebrations unfolded in the sprawling Sula Vineyards in Nashik, and one of their special moments included being 'showered' by hundreds of bubbles during the pheras.

From the villages of Punjab to the earthy elegance of Greece, Nikita and Ajinkya’s wedding functions and decor were inspired by a diverse range of influences. Here, bride Nikita shares more about her romantic journey with Ajinkya and their traditional Maharashtrian nuptials held in Nashik.

Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra

How We Met
“Ajinkya and I hail from Nasik and have known each other for years. The way small towns work, we often crossed paths or ended up meeting at parties. But never in our wildest dreams did we think of getting married to each other. We were busy with our separate lives but still connected with each other from time to time on so many levels, especially when it came to advice on major life decisions. I have old chats saved where we discussed his professional choices and the country I should go to for studies. These little things make me wonder if we were destined to be together. Three years ago, I came back to India from New Zealand for good, and Ajinkya was the only familiar person left in Nashik who I could hang out with. That’s when it all started. We met frequently, and soon, realized we were very compatible. No one knows that I proposed marriage to Ajinkya on a beach in Goa! I went down on one knee at 1 am, and the sound of the waves served as the background score when I asked Ajinkya if he would like to spend the rest of his life with me. He said, ‘Yes!'”

Wedding Venue
“Nashik is all about greenery and serenity, and the Sula Vineyards property reflects the same qualities. Both of us have spent a lot of time there so we could not think of a better venue than that for our wedding. The overall mood, ambiance, weather – everything was perfect, and we couldn’t have made a better choice! “

Wedding Functions

“This was an intimate affair where only close family and friends were invited. I was very keen on having one function at my house, so my wedding planners converted our living room into a mehndi set, while the rest of the house was decorated with marigolds and tuberoses. The entire place smelled divine!”

Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra

“The ‘haldi’ (turmeric application) ceremony is one of the most important functions at a Maharashtrian wedding. We hosted this at GP Farms which is a breathtaking property located in the mountains. This ritual of applying the turmeric paste on the bride and the groom’s skin was obviously a mandate. Once that was out of the way, the real fun began as some our relatives ran behind each other with turmeric in their hands. While some chased, others tried to flee to save their wedding finery. It was a sight to watch! We also had ‘dhol’ (ethnic Punjabi drum) players at this event so that everyone could get in the groove for the Punjabi-themed Sangeet that was to take place the same evening. This served as a good icebreaker between the families as they got to know each other through dance and music.”

Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra

“As the venue for our sangeet was an open lawn with mountains and farms around, we chose a ‘Punjabi Village’ theme that matched the surrounding perfectly. At the entrance, we had dhol players welcoming our guests. The decor features items such as ‘parandas’ (ethnic Punjabi braids with tassels and colorful ribbons) and ‘khatiyas’ (jute and wood beds) which were used as seating. We added pillows for comfort, and cutting chai and tea kettles served as table centerpieces. The stage backdrop included chairs and bicycles strung up on the wall.

Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra

“The wedding ceremony was according to Maharashtrian customs and took place in the morning at Sula Vineyards. This was a very intimate affair where only close family and friends were present. The best moment of the ceremony was during the pheras, when our loved ones showered us with bubbles instead of flowers. Everyone had a lot of fun playing around with the bubble blowers and the sight was magical.”

Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, MaharashtraNikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, MaharashtraNikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra

“The wedding was followed by a tradition reception at Sula Vineyard’s amphitheater. The stage decor was inspired by Greece, and we had candles in the center which added to the beauty of the setup. A live singer entertained the 1200 guests at the event.”

Nikita and Ajinkya, Nashik, Maharashtra

Advice For Couples
“Always jot down things you wish to do and have at your wedding as this will help you keep track of them. Always hire a wedding planner! The team of OK DONE made sure everything was flawless. Nothing was out of place, and they ensured that even the smallest thing was taken care of. I can’t imagine my wedding without my wedding planners as they helped convert my dreams into a reality. These memories will stay with me for life.”

Wedding Makers
Wedding Venue: Sula Vineyards
Wedding Planner: Ok Done Events (Mumbai)
Wedding Invitations: Shantilal & Sons (Mumbai)
Jewellery: Zaverchand Bhurabhai Zaveri (Mumbai)
Bride’s Outfits: KALKI for Sangeet and Reception (Mumbai), Soni Paithani for Wedding (Yeola, Nashik)
Groom’s Outfits: Telon for Reception (Mumbai)

Photographer: Imperfect By Sid

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