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Priyanka and Rajat, Club O7, Ahmedabad

Love, laughter and lots of fun made this duo’s wedding memorable.

Priyanka and Rajat’s sweet love story included a proposal in the company of their nearest and dearest and a beautiful wedding in his hometown, Ahmedabad. The groom shares with us the highlights of their big day.

Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad

How we Met
A mutual friend introduced us to each other and as we got talking we realized we connected very well. Our friendship evolved into a relationship very quickly and we never second-guessed our decision.

I wanted to propose in a beautiful setting, our closest friends as witnesses. So we went to a farmhouse built amidst beautiful mountains and surrounded by a dense cover of trees. We were inside a swimming pool covered in rose petals when, with a ring in my hand, I asked her if she would marry me.

Wedding Venue
Our wedding was held at Club O7, one of the premier private membership clubs in Ahmedabad. We chose this venue not only because of its striking environs and impeccable hospitality but also because of the convenience it offered. It’s located close to our home and we happen to know their in-house decorator very well so the choice was easy.

Wedding Functions

Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad

An intimate affair, the haldi took place at Priyanka’s home. Her closest friends and family attended this ceremony that marked the beginning of our wedding celebrations. She wore a green outfit for this function.

We wanted to host our mehndi in a lush, green, open space and so we chose Aarohi Starz Club. The place also has a swimming pool! We decorated in vibrant hues for a cheery vibe; colorful balloons and flowers of red and yellow were only a few of the elements that were used as part of the lively decor. Priyanka wore a bright yellow lehenga paired with a pink and orange bandhani dupatta. I opted for a red kurta with a beige bandi that featured floral motifs.

Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad

Chak and Mamera
For my chak and mamera, we tried to bring an authentic Rajasthani feel to the venue. Traditional Rajasthani fabrics like leheriya and bandhej were used as drapes and made for the key decorative feature. We had a lac bangle maker present at the function who crafted bracelets for the guests right in front of them. Singers were invited too and they sure played a role in making the event very festive!

Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad

We knew this was going to be one of the most happening functions at the wedding so instead of calling it a sangeet, we named it the ‘Rock and Dhol’. Light pink and orange were the colors of the evening and our stage decor featured frames and glowing light bulbs. The function saw several performances by our friends and family before the dance floor was thrown open for everyone. The beats of the dhol had everyone shaking a leg into the wee hours.

Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad

At our phera ceremony we created a mandap smothered in fresh flowers and leaves, evoking visions of a romantic forest. While green and white were the dominant colors that were used to decorate the canopy, bright reds and light pinks accented the palette. Priyanka opted for a red ensemble and entered under a chadar of the same color fringed with strings of flowers. I complemented her lehenga in an outfit in maroon and beige.

Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad

Our reception was an extension of the pheras so the decor here followed the same mood and was very elegant. We really wanted to create the perfect setup so we produced our own designs and explained our vision to our decorator in detail. We created a green backdrop for the stage with a floral panel that ran in the center and arched over to create a roof from which flowers and vines were suspended. The setup was breathtaking and was appreciated by so many of our guests.

Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad Priyanka and Rajat, Ahmedabad

Advice for Couples
Big, fat Indian weddings are great but sometimes, nuptials where the focus is on extending an experience that allows guests to truly enjoy themselves, outdo the more grand affairs. A minimalistic wedding that is fun-filled is sure to be a hit. We had planned several surprises and games and activities to keep out guests entertained.

Wedding Makers
Venues: Aarohi Starz Club (Mehndi), Agrasen Foundation (Chak and Mamera), Club O7 (Wedding and Reception)
Decor: Radhe Decorator (Mehndi), Shreeji Decorator (Chak and Mamera), Labh Decorator (Wedding and Reception)
Wedding Planner: Prayog Events
Bride’s Outfit: Asopalav, Ahmedabad (Wedding and Reception)
Groom’s Outfit: Telon, Mumbai (Wedding and Reception)
Jewellery: Minerali
Entertainment: Funk Samachar
Caterer: Moments Caterer

Photography: Studio Viscom, Nikita Wankhede, Kishan Prajapati

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