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Sahitya and Vamsi, Fontainebleau Miami Beach, USA

This couple’s beach wedding was a fusion of Telugu traditions with contemporary nuances.

Sahitya, a New York based Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic surgeon, and Vamsi’s beautiful pre-wedding photos captured on the streets of Miami showcase a contrast to their traditional beach wedding pictures all of which was beautifully captured by WeddingSutra Favorite – Naman Verma Photography who artfully narrated the couple’s love story through their evocative frames. Scroll down to see their wedding pictures.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
The bride-to-be, Sahitya’s love for deep rooted culture made her want to have a royal themed grand wedding reception with regal portraits clicked against the decadence of yesteryears magnificence. After hosting an opulent engagement at Taj Falaknuma in Hyderabad, they organised a regal photoshoot with the idea of capturing the modern elegance blended with the past era of the Nizams of Hyderabad.

Wanting to relive her ultimate fantasy, the bride worked with a talented team of photographers over six months to pull off a grand photoshoot. Rimple and Harpreet, the designers behind Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh’s elaborate costumes in Padmavat, dressed the couple head to toe in two looks. Sahitya donned a 24 carat, uncut diamonds with emeralds and rubies from Hyderabad based jewellers Mangatrai & Neeraj. Scroll down to see their pictures.

Sahitya and Vamsi

Sahitya and VamsiBirds of a feather flock together… Dressed in coordinated outfits, the couple look tranquil as sea gulls buzz around them.

Sahitya and VamsiWalking hand-in-hand on the sand, serenaded by the music of the waves lapping against the shore!

Sahitya and VamsiSahitya and VamsiThey found love in doing mundane things together.

Sahitya and VamsiThis photo evokes the sense of them stepping into a new life, making fresh choices, and interesting turns around the corner.

Sahitya and VamsiTheir wedding ceremonies began with loved ones showering them with their blessings.

Sahitya and Vamsi

Sahitya and VamsiThey added a fun twist by pouring water on each other and…

Sahitya and Vamsi… Jumping into the pool to celebrate.

Sahitya and VamsiSahitya and VamsiShe looked at herself in the mirror to add that final bridal touch.

Bride wearing mauve silk saree for her big day at USAnd got ready in no time in a beautiful mauve silk saree.

Groom entry on a yacht in pink sherwaniThe groom, on the other hand, made a grand entry on a yacht…

Groom entry on a yacht in pink sherwaniGroom entry on a yacht in pink sherwaniHis mint and green clad groomsmen cheer him on.

Pink floral beach side mandap decorBridal entry in mauve silk saree with a long trainThe bride walked down the aisle looking like a dream wearing a saree with a long train.

Bride in mauve silk saree with Kundan jewelrySahitya and Vamsivarmala ceremonyvarmala ceremonyThey marked their union by exchanging garlands.

Sahitya and VamsiAnd ending by her wearing a mangalsutra!

Bride in mauve silk saree with Kundan jewelryAnd at this very moment, Sahitya and Vamsi are about to see each other as husband and wife.

Bride in mauve silk saree with Kundan jewelryGroom in pink sherwaniSoon, it was time for fun and games.

Bride in mauve silk saree with Kundan jewelryAll smiles as the beautiful bride takes a leading role in the rituals.

Bride in mauve silk saree with Kundan jewelry and Groom wearing pink sherwani

Sahitya and Vamsi

Sahitya and Vamsi

The Wedding Makers
Venue: Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad (Engagement), Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Florida (Wedding)
Wedding Planner: Eventrics Weddings
Outfits: Rimple and Harpreet Narula
Makeup Artist: Style by Susmita, Bhavani Kumar

Photography: Naman Verma Photography

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