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Sonakshi and Praneet, Indore

Traditional and festive, this couple’s wedding exuded divinity with its dainty pink blooms and shlokas that heralded their union.

Sonakshi and Praneet’s relationship had been in the making for most of their lives. Ever since they met in school at just nine years of age, the universe conspired for them to constantly be together. Hence, when the time came to take a shot at marriage, it was the most natural thing for them to do, keeping in mind the years of affection they had shared. So, to aptly seize every moment of their close-knit and breathtaking union the couple roped in WeddingSutra Favorite – Happyframes, who, with each shot managed to capture a plethora of emotions through the entire event.

Sonakshi and Praneet

How They Met
Sonakshi shares, “We first met in our school in Indore when we were nine years old and have known each other ever since. Just like any other couple, even our relationship had its shares of ups and downs, but they were so easily managed that it made us concede to the fact that we were indeed, ready to spend a lifetime together. Honestly, it wasn’t a particular moment which spurred us to get married but the precious years that we had shared together that gradually brought us to this decision.”

Wedding Venue
Explaining her unique choice to get married at home, Sonakshi shares, “I’ve always wanted to get married at a place that has been special for me. And what better place than home? Since marriage is the beginning of a new journey, I wanted to embark on it surrounded by the love of my family and friends at the comfort of my own home.”

Wedding Planning
Being a home-based wedding meant that the duo had the good fortune to look into each detail minutely. Hence, they roped in some of the most popular names in the industry to orchestrate their wedding. One of them was Happyframes, who with their vast portfolio have been impressing many couples over the years. Sonakshi shares her experience with the team, “Happyframes were very organized, efficient, warm and friendly with everyone at the wedding which allowed them to take some really remarkable shots. You can see the effort that they put into their work in their pictures which speak a thousand words. Their beautiful pictures are a testament to their love for the craft.”

Adding to the talented team were planner and decorator Poojan decor and makeup artist Mehak Dawar who gave the bride looks in perfect harmony with her attire.

Weddings Functions

Filled to the brim with tender and playful moments, Sonakshi’s haldi ceremony was a simple affair where she was smeared with turmeric to get her pre-wedding glow on. After paying her respects to her elders and to the family deities, the happy bride who glowed in a yellow salwar kurta set, had plenty of fun mingling with her loved ones.

Haldi Ceremony

Yellow Salwar Kurta set

With the couple’s family at the helm, the wedding emanated distinctly traditional and spiritual vibes that expressed their affinity for the Indian culture. Hosted at one of their home’s sprawling lawns, it was a plush and sunlit affair with light blue-hued canopies that gave one the impression of sitting under the open sky without feeling the sun’s glare. However, the highlight of the wedding was their colossal mandap, a structure adorned with bright white and pink blooms amidst rich foliage.

Keeping the decor in mind, the bride chose a light pink floral embroidered lehenga while the groom followed her lead in an off-white sherwani which he paired with a dusty rose shawl.

Statment Jewelry
Pink Lehenga
Getting Ready

Statment Jewelry
Candid Photography

Wedding Decor
Hanging Decor
Colossal Mandap
Bride's Entry
Phoolon ki Chadar
Jaimala Ceremony

Candid Phoography

Jaimala Ceremony

Advice For Couples
Sonakshi advises, “The most important thing is to have fun at your wedding. On the actual wedding day, and the other preceding functions, it’s best you just let go and celebrate the moment. There might be a few things that won’t go entirely your way, but remember to focus on what’s truly important and you’ll soon see that everything turns out to be amazing!”

The Wedding Makers
Wedding Planner and Décor: Poojan Decor
Groom’s Outfit: Shantanu and Nikhil (Wedding)
Bride’s Outfit: Dolly J (Wedding)
Makeup: Mehak Dawar

Photography: Happyframes

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