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Suji and Raj, London

With a graceful floral halo as a backdrop for their wedding ceremony, this couple’s nuptials emanated contemporary elegance.

A chance meeting brought Suji and Raj together. Within a span of a few months, the duo realized that something special was brewing between them. After a romantic proposal in the ‘City of Love’, they meticulously started etching out their wedding plans, however, the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the UK presented a challenging situation. Determined to tie the knot and keeping a positive mindset, the duo decided to go ahead with a unique and elegant home-based lockdown wedding ceremony that was incredibly beautiful.

Suji and Raj, London

How they met
A chance meeting at a bar two years ago gave Suji and Raj’s journey of love a head start. Walking through the bar Raj caught a glimpse of Suji and was instantly spellbound. A conversation ensued between the duo and soon, they fell headlong in love.

Suji and Raj, London
Suji and Raj, London

The Proposal
Two years after their fateful meeting, Suji and Raj decided to take the next step in their relationship with an extremely romantic proposal in Suji’s birth city, i.e., Paris. To pop the question, Raj chose a quiet corner at the magnificent Jardin du Palais Royal which spurred a happy Suji to shed a tear as she uttered an excited ‘yes!’.

Suji and Raj, London
Suji and Raj, London

Wedding Planning
Acknowledging the difficulty of planning a wedding ceremony during the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo relied on expert vendors who’d understand their vision with complete clarity. Suji shares, “From the start itself both of us had different definitions of an ‘intimate wedding.’ For Raj, it was a guest list of 20 while for me it was 200. But as fate would have it, our differing viewpoints couldn’t be resolved since the pandemic compelled us to follow a restricted guest list. And since neither of us was inclined to wait till 2021 to tie the knot, we made the momentous decision of executing a cozy, home-based wedding during the lockdown.

Inspired by my cousin’s beautiful garden wedding that took place in 2020, Raj and I quickly fleshed out a plan within a month.”

Describing her creative process behind executing her unique wedding while collaborating with her decorator Timmy from 1SW Events, Suji recollects, “I approached Timmy with a theme in mind and we had such an amazing time brainstorming together. With her, my budget limits remained safe as she made sure that we stayed within them!

Adding to the team were photographers Sheraz Khwaja Photography, videographers HD Moments Films, and makeup artist Roshni Ladva.

Weddings Functions
Sharing her creative process and inspirations behind the decor, Suji shares, “With the theme ‘modern regal’ in my mind, I started comprehensive research online for decor ideas alongside my decorator. Luckily, I came across a picture on Instagram that had a floral arch in it and I was instantly inspired! Once shared with Timmy, she suggested a beautiful color scheme that complemented our outfits. The halo was absolutely perfect as it provided a beautiful backdrop for all our pictures.

As for my wedding attire, my mother had luckily picked up a wedding saree for me on her visit to India. And, keeping in mind that red was the most common bridal color, she chose a stunning purple saree that I immediately fell in love with. Typically, a Sri Lankan bride dons two sarees on her wedding day, but since it was an intimate ceremony, I chose to keep it simple and wore the saree my mother chose for me.”

Suji and Raj, London
Floral mandap decor for 1SW Events
Red saree with AKN Jewelry for wedding
Bride Wedding Look
Bride & Groom wedding Outfits
Suji and Raj, London
Groom entry
Bride entry
Suji and Raj, London
Suji and Raj, London
Suji and Raj, London
Varmala ceremony
Suji and Raj, London
Suji and Raj, London
Suji and Raj, London
Bride and Groom searching for ring
Bridesmaids posed with the bride
Happy moment

Advice for Couples
Sharing some of the perks of having an intimate wedding and her advice on the process of planning it, the couple shares, “Having a close-knit wedding, especially, at home allows one to tie the knot in a place that’s extremely close to their heart. Furthermore, you not only are in complete control of the guest list, but the wedding ceremony itself is more relaxed, comfortable, and fun! For us, there were no delays or worries about the budget and with pre-wedding stress being the last thing on our mind, we were able to completely concentrate on each other. The most important thing is to keep an open mind and compromise wherever you see fit.”

The Wedding Makers

Décor: 1SW Events
Florals: Rani Floral Design (Varmala)
Groom’s Outfits: Mongas (Wedding)
Bride’s Outfits: Pachiayappas
Jewelry: AKN Jewelry
Makeup: Roshni Ladva
Stylist: Mathury Hair and Makeup Artist
Wedding Favors: Made By Mi
Cake: La Treat Boutique
Photography: Sheraz Khwaja Photography
Videography: HD Moments Films

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