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Vidhi and Maharshree, Thailand

At this couple's engagement, the bride drove in on an ATV with her groom seated next to her.

From a sweet friendship in Grade 9 to a gorgeous wedding a decade later, Vidhi and Maharshree’s love story overcame a lot of hurdles along the way. Their intimate wedding, which was a celebration of their journey, was hosted at The Palayana Hua Hin, Thailand, and was planned flawlessly by WeddingSutra Favorite – Urbana Weddings and Events. Here are a few glimpses of the festivities.

Vidhi and Maharshree

How They Met
Interior and furniture designer Vidhi first crossed paths with entrepreneur Maharshree in Grade 9. What started as a punishment when Maharshree was seated with the ideal student Vidhi soon turned into an innocent flame that grew into an enduring friendship. Over the next ten years, the two stood together through thick and thin, before their friendship evolved into love. Their story wasn’t without its challenges, but the strength of their bond overcame everything, and Maharshree’s love soon converted the disapproval of Vidhi’s parents into acceptance.

Vidhi and Maharshree

The Proposal
“My parent’s disapproval initially tested Maharshree’s love several times, but it soon evaporated when they realized he was not just a man, but my emotional, professional and personal support system. Once onboard, my parents decided to make it up to him with an adorable proposal. With a ring that I bought with them, I got him and his friends to a yacht at the Gateway of India and went down on one knee in front of everyone to propose to him. The look in his eyes at that moment was indescribable.”

Wedding Venue
“We dreamt of a small, intimate wedding in a beautiful location where Maharshree and I could relax and enjoy for a few days with our loved ones, and our search brought us to The Palayana Hua Hin, Thailand. Everything, from the venue and the food to the hotel staff, was absolutely perfect and in line with what we envisioned for our special day.”

Welcome Party

Wedding Planning
The couple enlisted the services of Urbana Weddings and Events to plan, conceptualize and execute their dream wedding to perfection.

Talking about their experience with Urbana Weddings and Events, the couple shares, “We loved the level of personal commitment the team showed to us. The way Ritu Lamba and her team planned and executed the wedding felt like they were a part of our family. It is rare to see a professional relationship become a personal one, and they will live in our hearts forever.”

The team of Maharshi Patel and Divyesh of The Handcrafted Tales captured all the moments of their intimate celebrations. The beautiful invites were designed by the bride herself, and so were most of her outfits.

Wedding Functions

The festivities kicked off with an intimate mehndi attended by just immediate family and friends in one of the villas of the property, which soon turned into a fun Punjabi dance party.

Vidhi and Maharshree
Vidhi and Maharshree

Welcome Party
The next function was the welcome party where the couple and their families greeted and received their guests to the beats of the dhol, bhangra steps and beautiful yet minimalistic decor. The energetic welcome set a high note for the functions to come.

Welcome Party

Bhangra on Welcome

The engagement party was an enchanting soiree with mesmerizing decor. Twinkling fairy lights, glowing umbrellas and soft floral elements lent a magical feel to the night. The bride and groom entered on an all-terrain vehicle that was decorated with gorgeous white blooms. The highlight, however, was the boss bride at the wheel, driving in her groom. The night saw a whole lot of performances and dancing.

Engagement Decor

Umbrella decor
Fairy Lights

Engagement Decor
Engagement Decor

bride driving her groom
Entry on Vehicle

Fun games at Engagement
Performance at Engagement
Performance at Engagement
Fairytale Engagement

The haldi ceremony was held in the morning, and the function saw serene, minimalistic decor setups with a white and yellow palette. Guests happily milled around the couple, blessing them with good wishes as they were smeared with turmeric paste and showered with flowers. After that ritual, amidst smoke bombs and floral umbrellas, the couple walked to the beach with their families to wash off the yellow smears and have fun.

Colorful decor setup
minimalistic decor setup
Yellow Outfits for Haldi
Moments captured by The Handcrafter Tales
Bhagra at Haldi
Haldi Ceremony
smoke bombs
beach fun

Bathed in the shades of red, gold and beige, the wedding festivities saw a mix of traditional and unique functions and decor. Donning a rich beige and gold sherwani, the groom entered in a golden cart, flanked by his baraat, while the bride was resplendent in a traditional red lehenga as she walked in to the tune of ‘Mangalyam’ from the movie ‘Saathiya.’ As the couple tied the knot, soulful notes by the unplugged music crew filled everyone’s hearts.

Wedding Lehenga
Bridal Portrait
Phoolon ki chadar
Happy moment
Jaimala Ceremony
Wedding shoot
Post wedding shoot
Post wedding shoot

Advice for Couples
“The only tip we would give couples is to follow your hearts without getting caught up in expectations and pressure. Our wedding was planned according to our dreams and we chose to invite only those people who truly make us happy, and we hosted our functions exactly the way we wanted.”

The Wedding Makers
Venue: The Palayana Hua Hin, Thailand
Wedding Planner: Urbana Weddings and Events
Bride’s Outfit: Anamika Khanna (Engagement)
Makeup: Zankana Dungarwala
Invites: Vidhi Malhotra

Photography: The Handcrafted Tales

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