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Apeksha and Shreyans – New Zealand

A special self-drive holiday through the scenic New Zealand



For Apeksha Bantia and Shreyans Dhariwal, it all started with a typical ‘arranged marriage’ style meeting and in the ‘getting to know each other’ phase they fell in love, and the duo tied the knot after a very romantic courtship of eleven months. And as Apeksha rightly puts it, “The eleven months were a celebration in itself – celebration of falling in love madly, blindly and completely”. The couple went to New Zealand for their honeymoon. They talk about their experience, and share some dos and donts and more handy tips






“It is never easy to decide a holiday destination. In fact, the task is even tougher when you are looking at a honeymoon place. After much researchand time investment, we were left with two options ‚ Maldives and New Zealand. Some more mulling and we eventually zeroed in on New Zealand!.


We booked a customized honeymoon package from a young travel agent and friend Neeraj Gupta (Peekay Holidays, Chennai). It was a special self-drive journey that was designed so that we could enjoy the scenic beauty of New Zealand and dare to indulge in some thrilling adventurous activities. Since we were on our honeymoon everything from the world class Polynesian Spa and the Duo Canyon Swing invited a lot of romance.


  • An assortment of romantic lodges and boutique hotels, a picture-perfect backdrop of snowcapped mountains and coastal scenery were some of the major factors that influenced us to choose New Zealand. We would suggest you do not skip these if you are visiting New Zealand.
  • For all honeymooners, a drive through the country can be very exciting and fun
  • The sit-out places by the road side are cool and convenient to stop at, in between long drives.


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