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Apurva and Gaurav Dixit – France

Apurva and Gaurav planned a memorable honeymoon in romantic France with 'A Travel Duet'.

Apurva and Gaurav’s parents thought they’d get along just fine. And they were absolutely right. The couple met, fell in love and got married on the 24th of January 2015 in Indore, where they currently reside.

A week later, they set off for an exciting fortnight in France. For Apurva, the decision was simple, “It had to be the most romantic cities of the world. Gaurav promised me a birthday (4th Feb) and Valentine’s Day to remember.”

Hotel and Highlights

We were in Paris for a total of 10 days with a visit to Annecy to do some skiing and for some quiet time.

In Paris we stayed at Hotel Raphael, outstanding in every sense. We have no words to describe this hotel. The hospitality has to be experienced to be believed. It also had one of the best rated views of the Eiffel Tower from its terrace.

The Les Loges is located in the heart of Annecy, the entrance opening right on to the main square of the town centre. Our room was an entire suite with a fully serviced kitchen and the bathroom had a hammam!

We returned to Paris and stayed at the Hotel Regina, whose outer façade is one of the most filmed in cinema. It is a sister concern of Hotel Raphael. Again, we were assigned a room with a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower.

Most romantic moment

We took a horse-carriage ride across beautiful Paris on my birthday and exactly as Gaurav promised, it was the most romantic moment of the trip.


We loved the horse-carriage ride, visiting the Moulin Rouge, skiing in the French Alps, having coffee in the quaint little French cafés, Disneyland and shopping! Our honeymoon photoshoot with A Travel Duet was also a lot of fun!


Unless you’re interested in history, the historical tours of Versailles, etc can be skipped

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