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Balvinder and Maninder – Mauritius

The couple picked Mauritius for they honeymoon because solitude and beautiful beaches is what they wanted


Balvinder Khurana and Maninder Singh Hira went to Mauritius for their honeymoon. The couple tell us more: “We wanted a very resort destination- not a place which is big on shopping or noisy. Mauritius was our first pick- the solitude and beautiful beaches is what we wanted.”

Recommendations for other Honeymooners:

Must-visit places: Port Blair Harbor, Ile Aux Cerfs Island, Seven-colored earth and Casela Nature & Leisure Park.


a) Catamaran and dolphin cruise: the catamaran cruise is a full day activity. You can enjoy the beautiful and crystal clear sea on the sail boat where dolphins will greet you on your way to the lagoon.

b) Under-sea walk: You are taken 10 meters below the sea level where you can not only see fishes but touch them and feed them. The encounter with fishes and underwater species is spectacular. Watching and feeding fishes in their natural habitat is a wonderful experience.

c) Glass-boat ride: It is generally offered by the resort along with the other activities (In case you are staying in a resort which has a private beach). You are taken on a sea ride in a boat with base made up of magnifying glass and hence, you can enjoy the beautiful under-water marine life including fishes like star fish and eel and the coral reef.

d) Submarine ride.

e) Walk with the lions at Casela.


The South tour (except visit to seven colored earth), rest of the places in this tour like Glass Museum, South-City tour, Temple tour we personally felt are a waste of time. 


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