You know what’s crazy? Getting married! What’s crazier? Coming up with a honeymoon itinerary even before the wedding dates are decided!

But that’s Chandni for you! Travel mad, all this globe-hopping enthusiast knows is how best to make plans to plant her feet all over the world. The day this couple said ‘I do’ marked the beginning to the biggest adventure of their lives.

After a destination wedding at Fort Jadhavgadh, Pune, they set off on a thirty day trip that would involve Hawaii, the US, Mexico, exploring the beach life of the Caribbean and diving deep off the Pacific Coast. They proved that a whole month of ocean and sand can be the most exciting honeymoon you can plan for.

Chandni and Akshay

Honeymoon Planning
The couple wanted an offbeat destination to make honeymoon memories in and with ambitious plans they began to organize their honeymoon months in advance. The world was their oyster and the couple could just pick and choose but “We both love water and the love of water look us to the oceans and seas” Akshay says. Chandni was an unstoppable, exhilarating force with her itineraries, hotels, routes, places of interest all ready to go. From wandering off to lakes, mountains, beaches, valleys their honeymoon had it all!

Honeymoon Highlights
“We flew in to San Francisco, explored the city and visited the magnificent Lake Tahoe. Akshay loves driving and we hit the road, with temperatures dropping to our beautiful wooden cabin by the lake, watching every beautiful sunrise and sunset.”

Chandni and Akshay

Chandni and Akshay

Chandni and Akshay

“After a few days, we left for the island life in Hawaii. We lost our hearts at the Outrigger Waikiki; there may not be a more romantic place on earth to create magical memories. Then we had a Hawaiian wedding! It’s a cute little ceremony that is an intimate and marvelous experience called the Ho‘i hou ke aloha or ‘come fall in love all over again’. And we did!

Chandni and Akshay

Chandni and Akshay

We spent two weeks in Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui but to be honest, we were probably in the water more than on land. We tried every single water sport and the beach life filled our wander-lusting souls! Surfing the wild waves, spending hours on the beach mai-tais in hand, witnessing the historic Pearl Harbor, there was never a dull moment.”

Chandni and Akshay

Chandni and Akshay

The couple travelled light to Puerto Vallarta, because they left their hearts in Hawaii. ‘Hidden Island’ is a UNESCO World Heritage site, that is not very well known. Akshay though nods at his wife’s resourcefulness, “It was my birthday and we were going to Marietas Island to see the hidden beach only to be told that we had to swim for more than 250 metres in the wild Pacific Ocean to reach this heritage site. My heart was pounding in exhilaration! Chandni of course had her camera out to capture every moment. Once you reach, you realize the nerve-wracking swim is so worth it! And it was the best birthday gift ever!”

Chandni and Akshay

Chandni and Akshay

The couple spent a couple of days on the west of Mexico and then flew to Cancun to enjoy both the aqua blue marine life and the glittering nightlife! “Little did we know that this island had altogether different plans for us,” Akshay grins. “After so many amazing beaches, Krystal Cancun managed to top them all! It’s a magnificent hotel facing the blue waters and there are pool parties by night and cabanas to relax in by day. We went to see one of the seven wonders of the world – the incredible Chitzen Itza and on our way back experienced the wonders of the Ik Kil cenotes (The cenote is an open to the sky natural pool about 26 metres below ground level. A carved stairway leads down to a swimming platform. There are vines which reach from the opening all the way down to the water along with small waterfalls.) The cenotes are a must-do when in Mexico! This Yucatan region has so much to offer. We went to a Coco Bongo show and that’s what nightlife should look and feel like! We started at 11 pm and ended only at 6 am! One of the best nights on the island!”

Best meals of the trip
Despite all the decisions to stay fit on their honeymoon, this foodie couple experimented with all kinds of cuisines. “We realized Hawaiians have a unique take on hospitality at one of our dinner dates at the authentic Hula Grill. It is an island of tropical fruits and Akshay still drools remembering the most delectable pineapple cake baked with vanilla ice-cream!”

Chandni and Akshay

In Mexico, they couldn’t get enough of the guacamole! “We binged our hearts out! During our six days in Cancun, we tried every variation of guacamole along with tall margaritas! The hippest restaurant with the liveliest staff was Carlos and Charlie’s in the Hotel Zone in Cancun where each and every guest was entertained. And, remember, whoever said you have to struggle to get delicious spicy food when abroad was wrong!”

Most romantic moment
The couple’s best moments were spent on the sequestered beaches of Maui. “We experienced some of the most beautiful sunsets, lazing around on the beach in moments straight out of the movies. It felt like we were in a world of our own; just us and the sound of waves. When in Hawaii, surrender your heart to the island and let it do the rest!” Chandni recalls.

“We took a break from the ‘romantic’ part of the honeymoon to visit Pearl Harbour. If you’re lucky, you may even meet the Pearl Harbour survivor and get an autograph,” Chandni says.

The trip got even better for these water babies. “The week long Royal Caribbean cruise to the Caribbean islands is a highlight in itself. Being the world’s largest cruise ship, witnessing a living city on the open waters couldn’t get more awe-inspiring! After disembarking at the Miami port, we were amazed by the lights of Miami and its let-loose culture! A cruise to the Caribbean is a once in a lifetime experience and when better than on your honeymoon!”

Don’t do the cliché sightseeing and booking city tours. Rather see the city on foot and travel like a local. Book local hotels too!

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