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Chandni and Dhaval – Australia and Singapore

Chandni and Dhaval made the most of their honeymoon by planning an adventurous itinerary in Australia and ending with some relaxed time in Singapore.

Chandni, an interior designer married Dhaval, who works at InBulls, in Indore last year. She says that a combination of his name (Dhaval is a word for ‘moon’) and hers (Chandni means moonlight) inspired them to theme their celebrations, “A wedding under the stars”. The honeymoon was across Australia and Singapore. Chandni tells us how it went.

Hotel and Highlights: Australia & Singapore

“When you’re planning any vacation, especially a honeymoon, one of the most significant factors is the weather. Australian ambient temperatures are around 24 deg C in December making it the perfect time for a ‘complete package’ honeymoon: the calm of the sea, the oomph of exotic shores, the adventures with water, the glamour of the city, the romantic getaways. We’d considered Bora Bora and New Zealand but were very happy with our decision to tour Australia. 

In Sydney we stayed at The Darling, Star (Harbour view) from where we kickstarted our honeymoon with a city tour.

An attraction that appeals to many tourists is the Sydney Opera House. Shopping and casinos are also a major draw.

We visited the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). We also saw the TOTEM SHOW in Sydney. TOTEM traces the fascinating journey of the human species from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly. It was mind-boggling!

Our next stop was Hamilton Island where we stayed at the Beach Club Resort which is the perfect romantic island retreat.

It has a spectacular beach-front location, a peaceful, boutique vibe. We loved the romantic private dining, the infinity pool and when you’re done lounging, you can make the most of their complimentary water sports equipment like paddleboards, windsurfers and snorkels.

We went scuba diving too! Hamilton Island is known for its food, wine, wonderful waterfront restaurants and bars.

Then it was time to hit the Gold Coast. We checked into The Hilton, Surfer Paradise. The Gold Coast has to be one of the most happening places on earth! We partied in a limo, went air-ballooning and had no idea paradise jet-boating would be so thrilling. Dreamworld took us to back to our childhoods.

Singapore was for resting and shopping! We watched PK at Bombay Talkies, shopped at Orchard Road and ate tons of food, especially at Nalan Restaurant which was five minutes away from our hotel.

Best Meal of the Trip

Hamilton Island offers a large variety of coastal food and tropical fruit. Being vegetarian made it slightly challenging but the staff at the beach club were excellent. The chef made an Indian curry especially for us which was prepared to perfection.

Most Romantic Moment

We had a very romantic evening at the Beach Club Resort that started at the infinity pool, talking, enjoying the view. Then we went to dinner at the poolside. Dhaval was being creative and used ketchup to write ‘I love you’ on the platter! The table setting was so beautiful, we could have sat there for hours. We went for a walk after dinner, it was a walk to remember.

Must Experience

Hamilton Island, Jet Paradise Boat-Gold Coast

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