Garima and Dheeraj wanted a honeymoon that would take them to breathtaking sights, and New Zealand proved to be the ideal destination for their romantic sojourn. The two spent days exploring beautiful spots in the home of the Kiwis, and Garima shares some highlights here.

Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand

How We Met
"Dheeraj and I met at college in Dehradun in 2008. We weren’t fond of each other in the beginning. However, we did have a couple of mutual friends, so we ended up spending a lot of time together. The more we met, the warmer our relationship became, and before we realized, we fell in love. Initially, we didn’t quite understand what that feeling was, probably because we were so young then. However, once we started dating, we were inseparable. The last nine years have been a rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs, but we always knew that we were best suited for each other. As cheesy as it sounds, Dheeraj is my everything, and I’m certain that we were destined to be with each other."

Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand

Honeymoon Planning
"When we started planning our honeymoon, we considered Norway and Iceland. Dheeraj and I wanted to visit a place that had splendid panoramas, so we did a lot of research and went through numerous websites and brochures before finally finalizing New Zealand - and the country didn't disappoint us one bit. Our honeymoon was a road trip, and the natural beauty that we were exposed to truly made our vacation delightful."

Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand

Honeymoon Highlights
"Every place we visited was so attractive and fascinating. To add to that, the welcoming attitude of the locals towards tourists makes you feel just at home. The time that we spent at Mount Cook is probably one of my favorite memories of our honeymoon. The stunning scenery and amazing views from our hotel all added up to an experience that we will never forget."

Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand

Most Romantic Moment
"It’s difficult to pin down just one moment because for us. However, simply driving through the New Zealand countryside and watching gorgeous landscapes pass us by was one of the more romantic aspects of our trip there. We had a wine crate in the back of our car, played our favorite tracks on the music player, and frankly, needed nothing else to make it perfect!"

Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand

Best Meal
"Dheeraj and I are vegetarians, so we relied majorly on pizzas, bread, juices, and fruits since there aren’t too many options for people who don’t eat meat. The Garlic XXXL pizza, however, at Fat Pipi Pizzas in Hokitika was out of this world! New Zealand is known for its dairy products, and the impressive cheese on the pizza, proved, just why!"

Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand

"New Zealand - the whole country is heaven on earth, and your trip here will be worth it!"

Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand Garima and Dheeraj, New Zealand

Hotels We Stayed At
The Hermitage Hotel

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