Vikash met Jayita in one of the classes they attended while pursuing higher education in France. The class was about Change Management and it was there that their eyes first met. “Little did we know that one class of Change Management would change our lives forever!” says Jayita.

The two lovebirds wed on December 2 last year in Mumbai. They wanted to rekindle memories of their courtship days on their honeymoon so opted to visit France where they had both stayed at students.

Jayita and Vikash

They had initially planned to explore only Paris, they soon decided to expand their itinerary. “Going back to Paris for our honeymoon was a given, however we decided to indulge our tastes and likes so included other places such as Lyon, Le Baule and Normandy. We also visited few other cities in Normandy, the highlights were our day trip to the Mont St Michel and the museum of Christian Dior in Granville.We must confess we were left with a very offbeat itinerary in the end,” laughs Jayita.

Jayita and Vikash

Honeymoon Highlights
Experience art and culture in Paris
“We began our trip at the famous food heaven - Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. We got a personal tour of the new campus and met with Chef Fabrice Daniel and Chef Jean Jacques Brachant. A short macaron workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Paris was a fun thing to do together as a couple. This was followed by meeting with the stars at the Musée Grévin wax museum which made for a very glamourous afternoon together. Lastly, an evening in Paris wouldn’t be complete without a classy cabaret experience. We truly enjoyed the Paris Merveilleuse show at the Lido de Paris. With centre stage view and a champagne dinner, it was the perfect end to a perfect day in the city of love,” shares Jayita.

Jayita and Vikash

Jayita and Vikash

Beach adventure in La Baule
Since the couple’s itinerary was quite offbeat, they decided to visit the lesser known but equally beautiful region of western France's La Baule. "It is one of the hidden gems of Europe and has one of the longest bays in the country," shares Jayita. They travelled to La Baule in a very comfortable 1st class Rail Europe high-speed train called the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse). It took around three hours to reach La Baule from Paris.

The couple stayed at the Hotel Barriere Le Royal La Baule which offered beautiful sea views and luxurious environs. Says Jayita, “We were upgraded to the best suite in the hotel and truly enjoyed its world-class spa – La Thalasso & Spa Diane Barriere – which was phenomenal,” recounts Jayita.

Jayita and Vikash

Best Meal of the trip
After La Baule, the couple headed to Lyon, known as the gastronomic capital of the world for some delicious cuisine. “Lyon is all about gastronomic indulgences and is also one of the host cities for Euro 2016. So for the foodie in me and the football fan in Vikash, Lyon was a no brainer in terms of a must-visit place for us,” shares Jayita. The couple enjoyed an authentic Lyonnais cuisine at the Brasserie Georges.

Jayita and Vikash

Must experience
The couple have curated a list of must-do experiences culled from their honeymoon, and here are their recommendations:
In Paris:
-A short pastry or cooking workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Paris
-A leisurely afternoon at Musée Grévin wax museum
-A dinner show at Lido de Paris

Jayita and Vikash

In La Baule:
-Jet ski with Atlantic Jet Evasion: This is a one hour self-driven jet ski adventure where you get to enjoy the sheer adrenalin rush of whizzing around one of the longest bays in Europe.
-A drive in a charming 2CV vintage convertible with A Vos Volants who arrange exploratory rallies around La Baule and its surrounding areas.
-Indulge in a couple relaxation spa treatment La Thalasso & Spa Barrière at the Hotel Barriere Le Royal La Baule
-Sail away on the Bora-Bora: This is a two-hour sailing experience aboard a majestic boat.

Jayita and Vikash

Jayita and Vikash

Jayita and Vikash

In Lyon:
-Dine at the Brasserie Georges for an authentic Lyonnais cusine experience.
-Explore Old Lyon and its hidden passageways: Walk around the city and explore its vibrant bylanes and marvel at architectural wonders especially the Fresque des Lyonnais. There are many buildings with paintings that are known are trompe-l’oeil or illusions.
-Visit the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere and enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Lyon.
-A gourmet tour with tastings at famous indoor market Le Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse which is a must for food lovers who want to discover authentic French cuisine.
-Maison des Canuts for glimpses of the famous silk industry in Lyon that dates back to the 1800s.

Jayita and Vikash

Jayita and Vikash

Where They Stayed
Hotel Barriere Le Royal, La Baule

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