He was my senior in school. We’re both dancers and once, we were asked to partner each other and that’s how we became friends. We exchanged numbers and started to meet at coffee, the movies etc. We fell in love and when he proposed to me, I had similar feelings so I said yes.It’s been six years and we tied the knot only two months ago.

I attended a WeddingSutra Masterclass at the JW Marriott in Mumbai as part of my wedding preparation. It helped me with everything: clothes, photography, the wedding menu…Then, it was time to fly to Goa for our grand destination wedding. We were married on the 24th of July at Planet Hollywood in Goa. I couldn’t be happier. He was an amazing boyfriend and now he is my adorable husband.

Juhi and Jayesh

Honeymoon Planning
We traveled from the 25th of August to the 15th of September this year. Our honeymoon lasted 20 days. Cox and Kings customized an itinerary for us that included eight European countries – the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria… It was like visiting heaven on earth.

Juhi and Jayesh

Juhi and Jayesh

Honeymoon Highlights
In Switzerland, Jungfrau and Glacier 3000 stand out. In Paris, we loved Disneyland Paris and the Eiffel Tower. We went on cruises in Amsterdam and Germany which were amazing. Other stand out locations were the fashion capital of the world, Milan, the Black Forest in Austria, Brussels, South Holland, Innsbruck and Venice.

Juhi and Jayesh

Juhi and Jayesh

Juhi and Jayesh

Our luxury apartment in Paris was the best place we stayed in on the whole trip. It was the Appart'City Confort near Disneyland. We also loved the Radisson Blu Royal in Brussels, Holiday Inn in London and Hotel Continental Park in Switzerland.

Juhi and Jayesh

Best Meal
We ate so much delicious food! The best meal of the trip was the pizza and pasta at the Pizzeria Da Remo in Rome. But we loved the French bread in Paris, the Swiss fondue in Switzerland and chocolate and waffles in Belgium. Our non-vegetarian palates were thrilled n London where we ate lots of chicken, prawns and crab. And last but not least, we ate an actual German Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest!

Juhi and Jayesh

Most Romantic Moments
We had quite a few but I remember standing at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, holding hands, closing our eyes and wishing we’d be together forever as we threw that coin into the fountain.

Then there was the time at the Rhine Falls in Austria. We were on the top of a ladder, in the middle of this huge, scary and super exciting waterfall and shouting ‘I love you’ to each other. Haha! It was very cool and very romantic as well!

Juhi and Jayesh

Advice to Couples
The Cox and Kings travel services are the best. We recommend visiting the Rhine Falls in Austria. We also traveled from London to Amsterdam on a huge, beautiful cruise ship. It was a one-night trip and in the morning, we’d arrived at our destination! Really delightful. Don’t forget to eat a lot of pizza in Italy and go shopping at Oxford Street in London.

Juhi and Jayesh

Must experience
You have to go to Jungfrau and walk around the city of Innsbruck in Switzerland. Then aim directly for the Mission 2 roller coaster at Disneyland Paris. Take a gondola ride in Venice. Madame Tussauds in London is amazing! And in the Netherlands, there’s this enchanting miniature city called Madurodam. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before! Must experience!

Can avoid
We were disappointed with Pisa in Italy. The leaning tower seems to be the only attraction and it is so crowded that you can only see it from the outside. So it can be avoided.

Where They Stayed
Radisson Blu Royal, Brussels
Holiday Inn, London
Hotel Continental Park, Switzerland

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