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Komal and Subhamoy – Spain

'Ant On The Globe' plan a very personal Spain experience for Komal and Subhamoy

Komal, a Communications and P.R. Professional, and Subhamoy, a Sports Marketing Specialist met during their MBA and they had a winter wedding in January 2014. For their honeymoon, they had a tossup between Vietnam and Europe- and they decided on Europe, and the countries they visited were Spain and Portugal.

Based on their interests, Jay Ruparel of ‘Ant On The Globe’ planned their honeymoon. Says Komal: “Jay is a friend so planning everything was fun and easy. We sat with him 2-3 months before the actual sojourn and discussed our likes, dislikes, our interests, what a holiday meant for us and Jay planned it to the tee. There are two things we indicated to him- we didnt want a typical romantic holiday and we didnt want to be tied down to a set itinerary. We wanted to enjoy our stay and just go with the flow. Jay was approachable at every step. We would just ping him to know which places were nearby or which food joints he recommended in the vicinity and he would immediately give us loads of options. “


Komal loved Barcelona city and recommends it as a must-visit for everyone. She says, “Barcelona is a wonderful confluence of architecture and heritage. In the city, one must go to Las Ramblas, which is a street lined with trees, a pedestrian mall which is crazy in the day and transforms itself in the night, bustling with people. One must also try the hop on- hop off tour to enjoy the city in all its glory. Since both of us enjoy sports so we went to Camp Nou. Watching a football match there, live, is an unbelievable experience of sorts. Barcelona, in general, also has a very friendly atmosphere. People are warm and lovable.”


She adds, “Montserrat is also a must-visit in Spain. I would say it is divine. We planned a day trip to the place. You can hike, climb, just walk hand in hand and enjoy the nature. It is surreal in every sense. We visited Lisbon and Cascais in Portugal as well and both places were amazing.”

Culture of Spain


Komal emphasizes that one must experience the food culture of Spain. “The cuisine is varied and the platters are mouth-watering. Tapas, Pailla, wine are a must try. Every day wasa revelation for us.”

Where to stay:

They stayed in Eric-Vokel boutique apartments and enjoyed every bit of the stay. Says Subhamoy, “We chose apartments because they offer the freedom to use whichever facility you want to. If you want to just laze around and order something from outside, you can. If you want to just experience normal life, it lets you do that. And another advantage of these apartments was that they were very centrally located so everything was easily accessible on foot or through minimal travelling.”


Komal lists some must-knows for couples travelling from India

– Pickpocketing is a rampant there so you must always take care of your belongings.
– Everything they place on your table at meals is charged for (like the breads as accompaniment). So ask specifically before accepting it.
– It is good to have a translator on your phone to communicate easily. For example, in Madrid, very few people know English, so it is important for you to talk to them in local language or at least convey what you are looking for.

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