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Visited: French Riviera
Stayed at: Malibu Village

Before we started our Honeymoon in French Riviera, we went to San Francisco and London where we visited family. From London we headed for the French Riviera, to Perpignan in South France where we stayed for 10 days. Our resort, Malibu village in true Mediterranean style with its pink walls was like a second home in just a matter of minutes.

The Riviera with its tiny pink and green houses and vast expanse of green meadows and waterfront looked breathtakingly picturesque despite the winter. But it was deserted and the beaches were empty. It would get cold, dark and lonely after sunset. We had all the privacy and place to ourselves...so much so that we sometimes couldn't find a person to take our pictures.

Although beautiful, it's definitely not advisable to visit beach resorts in the winter!

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