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Krupa and Akshay, Australia

Australia’s pristine vistas and abundance of exotic fauna made this couple’s honeymoon unforgettable.

College sweethearts Krupa and Akshay decided to follow up the excitement of their wedding festivities with a luxurious 3 week long exploration of the land down under. Krupa shared a few glimpses of their experience.

Krupa and Akshay, Australia

How they met
Fortunate are those few who find their soulmate at a young age. Krupa and Akshay crossed paths in college and soon fell in love. They solidified their commitment to one another by tying the knot in 2019.

Honeymoon Planning
“When we started to plan our honeymoon, we soon discovered that we both shared a love for exotic locations and wanted a vibrant holiday replete with exciting experiences, unique landscapes and rich eco-systems. The toss-up was between South Africa and Australia, but the allure of seeing kangaroos and koalas finally won us over” shares Krupa.

Krupa and Akshay, Australia

Honeymoon Highlights
Following their wedding, the couple travelled to Australia in March 2019, covering 5 prime locations in 18 days. Their adventure spanned the unique attractions of Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Hamilton Island and Cairns.

Best meal of the trip
“The winery on the way to Mornington Peninsula served us the most memorable meal of our trip. A 100% farm–to-table, the meal was fresh and very delectable, laid out in a surreal ambience.”

Krupa and Akshay, Australia
Krupa and Akshay, Australia
Krupa and Akshay, Australia
Krupa and Akshay, Australia

Most romantic moment
“Our most romantic moment was the incredible sunset that we witnessed on the Great Ocean Road enroute to the 12 Apostles.”

Krupa and Akshay, Australia
Krupa and Akshay, Australia

Must experience
“The picturesque drive on the Great Ocean Road is a must-do experience when visiting Australia. The magical views are sure to leave you awestruck.”

Krupa and Akshay, Australia

Must avoid
“While Australia is a great place for adventure activities, we learnt from personal experience to avoid booking scuba diving and skydiving back to back”.

Hotels they stayed at
Sudeny Mclaey Hotel, Melbourne
QT Hotel, Gold Coast
Reef View Hotel, Hamilton Island
Pullman Cairns Hotel, Cairns

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