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Meryl and Vijay – Thailand

Bangkok, Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, Krabi and Hua Hin - a Thailand dream honeymoon.


Meryl Namrata Mathew got married to Vijay Anthony Sebastian from Bangalore at a Church Wedding. Meryl has worked for The Banyan Tree Group and Vijay is a Software Professional and they met through a common friend. Vijay proposed to Meryl at the altar of Holy Redeemer’s Church in Bangkok.

Honeymoon in Thailand

Says Meryl: “Since we fell in love in Bangkok, I wanted to go back to the same place for our honeymoon. Since I had worked there I was a local by then, was able to converse in Thai and we both shared love for Thai food. We also considered Sri Lanka for our honeymoon but finally decided on Thailand. Going back to Thailand was more like going back home for me. We didn’t do any bookings except our return tickets with Thai Airways to Bangkok and Krabi. The best thing about Thailand is that you can just book when you land there. We didn’t want a honeymoon that was cramped up with things ‘to do’, but something that was more relaxed and gave us our own space and pace. Neither did we want to be with other honeymooning couples like in a package deal.”


“We started off from Bangkok and headed straight to Pattaya where we had a condominium booked at Laguna Beach Resort, Pattaya. This booking was a wedding gift from one of my employers. We spent two days in Pattaya soaking in the sun, sand and sea, and ate our fill of sea food (we both are sea food lovers!) after which we headed out for popular tourist attractions in Pattaya like the notoriously famous Walking street. One thing that many people miss is the street food at Walking Street. It is truly lip smacking- from bizarre (crickets/scorpions/maggots) to delectable shrimps and beef on skewers.”



“After Pattaya we headed to Kanchanaburi to visit the Tiger temple. We just booked a local bus online. The scenic beauty is unbeatable- lush green paddy fields and light drizzles. While we were in Pattaya, we looked up some places to stay in Kanchanaburi and came across Pong Phen guest house. The property seemed like a house right in the middle of nowhere. They also had daily ‘song thaos’ (vehicles that carry around 8 to 10 people) to the Kanchanaburi Tiger Temple. After an interesting day with the Tigers and a very rare sight of a person cleaning a Tiger cage and treating the Tiger like his pet, we returned to our guesthouse. En route we opted for a typical Thai buffet and the next day headed to Bangkok and took a flight to Krabi.”



“After reaching Krabi we checked for local reviews of hotels in the area and walked into a couple of them before we settled for a beach facing guest house. It was a family owned business with just four lovely rooms. We then took offers of local one day tour operators and spent a day Kayaking and Shell Fish picking and the next day at Phi Phi Islands and the Similan islands where we tried deep sea snorkeling and tasted local produce. The local tour operators are really good and we were lucky that we were not ripped-off in any deal. At Krabi we also had an incredible Thai massage in a pretty shed right on the beach.”


Hua Hin

“After Krabi we headed back to Bangkok and proceeded to Hua Hin. Again after a good online research we booked Hua Hin Hills Vineyard. The place is an absolute delight and we spent the day tasting wine, taking elephant rides and taking a tour of a farm and its attached organic farm. The night markets of Hua Hin were great too with the most awesome shrimps. A lazy day at the quiet, silent beach of Hua Hin, some shopping and we were ready to head back to Bangkok.”



“We spent a day in Bangkok at the I Residence Hotel Sathorn and headed to catch a glimpse of the night life after which we spent some time with our friends in Bangkok. The second day was spent shopping and picking souvenirs for loved ones back home. We were now heading back to Bangalore with two extra bags full of goodies, a camera with awesome pictures and long lasting memories to cherish all our life.”

Recommendations/ Advice

– Thailand has a lot to offer people of all age groups and preferences. It never disappoints as a oneymoon destination or a vacation destination.
– Carry loads of sun screen, but don’t be afraid of getting a tan, because you’ll get one anyway. So an investment in an after-tan treatment/cream is good.
– It’s okay not to have pre bookings in Thailand as it is extremely tourist friendly.
– If you must take a package deal, take a closer look at the destinations provided as most of them have some boring places ‘thrown in’ just for the perceived economic value.
– Places are in close proximity and maps are easily available so don’t be afraid to experiment a little.
– Try the local treats instead of sticking to your own cuisine or eating at tried and tested eat-outs like McDonald’s.
– Refrain from keeping your itinerary packed with things to do, which might spoil the fun of the honeymoon.

Must-do activities:
Snorkeling, jet skii, elephant rides, island hopping on fast motor boats.

Must eat:
Tom kha kai soup and Tom Yum soups and if you are a sea food lover, well, it’s a feast out there! 

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