Yash kept the honeymoon destination a surprise from Monica till the last minute. She knew he had made the right choice when they landed in Bali, Indonesia, and enjoyed a wide variety of unique experiences over their 12 days there.

Monica and Yash, Bali

Honeymoon Planning
Monica had planned many of the details and events at their wedding at Taj Jai Palace in Jaipur, so Yash wanted to take charge of their honeymoon planning. Both agreed that the honeymoon destination would be a complete surprise for Monica. In the months leading up to the departure date, Monica tried asking friends and family if they knew where Yash was planning to take her so she could pack accordingly. Yash kept providing conflicting hints, telling her to pack winter as well as tropical clothes. The element of surprise was important as Yash wanted Monica to look forward to the experience after the busy time at the wedding.

Monica and Yash, Bali

Monica and Yash, Bali

Monica and Yash, Bali

Honeymoon Highlights
Since Bali offers many unique experiences, Yash and Monica decided to stay in various parts of the island on their honeymoon. They experienced the beaches and luxurious resorts of Nusa Dua, the downtown city life and trendy scene in Seminyak, and the scenic rainforests of Ubud. Each location had its own charm and made for an unforgettable trip.

The highlight of their honeymoon was the level of service and personalized attention they received at each hotel. The couple chose to stay at St. Regis Resort in Nusa Dua, Katamama in Seminyak, Bisma Eight and Ritz Carlton Mandapa in Ubud. They loved the heavenly Balinese massages and pampering spa treatments that these hotels offered which were welcome after their busy wedding.

Monica and Yash, BaliSt. Regis Resort in Nusa Dua

Monica and Yash, BaliKatamama in Seminyak

Monica and Yash, BaliBisma Eight in Ubud

Monica and Yash, BaliRitz Carlton Mandapa in Ubud

They highly recommend visiting the Luwak Coffee Plantation which is famous for 'Kopi Luwak' - which is basically civet coffee made from beans of coffee berries that have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet, and then passed through their digestive tract. Given this highly unusual and unlikely source of the fragrant coffee, Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive beverages in the world.

They also suggest trying out the Chef's Tasting Menu at the Locavore restaurant in Ubud which has become a magnet for gourmands looking for authentic, innovative European cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients from Bali.

Monica and Yash, Bali

Monica and Yash, Bali

Monica and Yash, Bali

Best Meal
Chef's Tasting Menu at Locavore in Ubud

Monica and Yash, Bali

Most Romantic Moment
Yash and Monica relished a candlelit dinner in a private bamboo cocoon alongside the Ayung River at Ritz Carlton Mandapa's Kubu restaurant.

Monica and Yash, Bali

Advice For Couples
That couple share that Bali is the perfect destination for a relaxing honeymoon that is also high on culture and natural beauty. "We recommend staying in various regions of the island to truly experience the scenic beauty and rich, local culture of Bali. Also, tell all the hotels you will be staying at that you are celebrating your honeymoon ahead of time. They will make note of it and go above and beyond to make it the most memorable experience for you."

Must Experience
Yash and Monica recommend Balinese massages at hotels, and sundowners at the popular Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak.

Can Avoid
"Try and avoid staying in touristy areas like Nusa Dua for the entire length of your honeymoon."

Where They Stayed:
St. Regis Resort, Nusa Dua
Katamama, Seminyak
Bisma Eight and Ritz Carlton Mandapa, Ubud
Bisma Eight, Ubud
Ritz Carlton Mandapa, Ubud

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