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Naina and Sriram – Mauritius

Naina and Sriram soaked up the sun, went under the sea and luxuriated at the spa on their week's honeymoon in delicious Mauritius

A man of numbers, my husband Sriram’s is a chartered accountant by profession while he follows his passion part-time as a pro-photographer. He loves living large, I love taking charge. We were married on the 2nd of December, 2015 in Hyderabad and didn’t have enough time to go for a honeymoon immediately after but the wait was worth it.
We wanted to have fun, travel and relax on a vacation that featured the sun, sea and sand trilogy. We had this picture in our head but with absolutely no idea whether it even existed. So we started researching exotic holiday destinations everywhere – the Caribbean, Tahiti, Fiji, Bora-Bora, we even considered the Maldives and Europe. And then we stumbled on this resort’s website with a cover photo of Our Dream Destination! Every single detail we pictured was there including lots of sights to see and adventures to have and ‘ta-daah’ we chose Mauritius

Honeymoon Highlights
December is one of the nicest times to travel here so we planned a trip from the 30th of December to the 5th of January. We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel.

In Mauritius we experienced every kind of weather imaginable with the multitudes of micro-climates it is famous for. It would be raining cats and dogs and yet a few kilometres away, the sun would be shining with not a cloud in sight. If you wake up to grey skies, don’t worry! Go take a shower, have breakfast and by the time you’re done, the sky will be blue.

Our ocean-facing room had a spectacular view, every sunrise was breathtaking and every single time we walked on that beach we thought, “Is this place for real?” We lay in the sun under the palm trees, drank watermelon juice and bathed in the clearest, warmest, most amazing water you’ve ever experienced. We also went scuba diving, did an underwater sea walk and went para sailing. Scuba diving was the most thrilling of them all. Nothing compares to swimming near the colourful reef where life pops out at every turn in the form of a flat fish that seems run over by a truck or a baby catfish more startled by you that you by it. We also visited Casela Nature Park, the waterfalls, botanical garden, museum and other viewpoints.

However, the most relaxing experience was definitely the spa –every ounce of stress was maneuvered out of our bodies by the magnificent hands of the spa masseuses. There is nothing a honey and milk wrap, chocolate scrub and full body massage after a long soak in rose petal infused water won’t treat. Trust me. Roses fade, but the memory of having the time of your life with your beloved will last forever!

Must- experience
Watersports , waterfalls, view points


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