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Neelam and Sameer – Malaysia

Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highland - a honeymoon on a budget but not short on fun



Rajput girl Neelam Rathore married Punjabi boy Sameer and the couple went honeymooning in Malaysia ‚ a place they decided after giving equal consideration and thought to Bali and Mauritius as options. Both Neelam and Sameer wanted to keep the travel expenses with a certain limited budget, and were pretty clear on picking a coastal destination over a cold place. No wonder, the two were sold on the idea of going to Berjaya Langkawi Resort once they saw the pictures online. They share their experiences here.


Berjaya Langkawi Resort

This is an amazingly beautiful resort, spread over acres of land with a mesmerizing private beach. We had an awesome time there as we indulged in romantic, candle-light dinners by the beach, swimming, and playing water sports and volleyball with other guests. The resort has something to offer to everyone. Besides, the hospitality was simply incredible and the staff pleasantly friendly. There were a variety of cuisines ‚ though we went for Indian, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese. For the adrenaline junkies, the place offers activities like cable car ride in Langkawi, water sports, cruise, underwater park and flea markets.

Kuala Lumpur

After Langkawi, our next stop was Kuala Lumpur where we stayed for a day. Needless to say it was a shoppers paradise!

Genting Highlands

Our last stop was Genting Highlands ‚ the hill station of Malaysia. Located on a higher altitude, the drive is very enjoyable and beautiful. Genting has a lot to offer, with widely spread indoor and outdoor adventure parks, cable car ride, snow world, etc.



  • Carry huge amount of anti-tan lotions
  • Polish your bargaining skills before you go shopping in the flea market
  • If you are looking for a happening and active night life, Langkawi is not the place ‚ everything shuts down by late evening here
  • The locals in Langkawi are very helpful and friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask someone for any kind of help. I remember, we went to KFC for a late night dinner once and there were no cabs. Suddenly, we saw a cab but the driver had his family along. When we asked him for help, he immediately agreed.
  • Plan your tour well in advance and do the bookings in accordance. Our bookings were managed by a friend who also runs a travelling agency. He arranged all the pick-ups, hotel reservations, air tickets etc.

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