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Neha and Ankush, Bali

From majestic waterfalls and lush landscapes to the Giant Swing of Bali here is a honeymoon that served up stellar experiences for this couple.

Neha and Ankush celebrated the start of their married life with a memorable honeymoon in the tropical paradise of Bali which won them over with its unparalleled natural beauty and unique experiences. Neha shares some key highlights here.

Neha and Ankush, Bali

How They Met
In true Bollywood fashion, Neha and Ankush locked eyes with each other at her brother’s wedding. From strangers to soulmates, their journey of love was nothing short of a fairytale romance.

Honeymoon Planning
Neha shares, “When choosing our honeymoon destination, we zeroed in on Bali after a lot of research. We picked Bali for its mesmerizing natural beauty, magical temples and pristine beaches.”

Honeymoon Highlights
The 10-day Balinese vacation packed in a plethora of trips and experiences. The couple stayed at the iconic Bubble Hotel and relished the unforgettable experience of sleeping under the stars. The honeymoon included trips to Kanto Kampo, Pengibul and Tibumana Waterfalls, the famous Lampuyang Temple, rice terraces and Kuta Beach. Among their gourmet experiences, their most memorable ones were at a vegan restaurant called Kynd Community, and at the Potato Beach Club. Of course, no trip to Bali is ever complete without a visit to Giant Swing for an insta-worthy moment.

Neha and Ankush, Bali
Neha and Ankush, Bali
Neha and Ankush, Bali
Neha and Ankush, Bali

Best Meal of the Trip
“Our most memorable meal was at Queens of India that served an incredibly delectable South Indian and North Indian fare.“

Most Romantic Moment
“Gazing at the scenic beauty and enjoying each other’s company in the amazing weather at Potato Head Beach Club was definitely our most romantic moment of the trip”.

Neha and Ankush, Bali
Neha and Ankush, Bali
Neha and Ankush, Bali
Neha and Ankush, Bali

Advice for Couples
“Bali’s natural beauty will leave a lasting impression on your mind. Try and spend as much time outdoors as possible, taking in the sights, the local treats and culture. Renting a scooter is a cheap and fun option to explore the pretty locales and go beach hopping.”

Must-experience Activities
“The incredible Giant Swing is definitely a must-do experience. It is nothing like anything you have experienced before. Do visit the magnificent Kanto Lampo Waterfall, as well as the Kynd Community for its yummy health food.”

“Pengibul Waterfall was a place we felt we could have skipped visiting.”

Hotels They Stayed At
Bubble Hotel, Bali

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