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Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

This couple’s honeymoon is going to make you want something just like this…

With Europe having been on her bucket list, once they got married, Niharika decided she and Rohit would visit not one but two European countries. They travelled to Greece and Italy and returned thrilled by the sights, sounds and feast for the senses the countries present.

Niharika tells us all about their first post-nuptial vacation.

Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

How We Met
We met in Delhi University in 2008 and started dating within two years of knowing each other. Unfortunately, only a month into our relationship he had to move to Mumbai. The long distance relationship wasn’t easy but we never gave up on each other. Fortunately, in 2014, I shifted to Mumbai as well and since then we grew not only to be better lovers but also the best of friends.

Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

Honeymoon Planning
I’ve always dreamed of Europe. I’d visit Greek restaurants to soak in the ambience and looked the country and culture up on social media and travel blogs. I just knew this was where we should go for our honeymoon. But I wasn’t sure if Rohit wanted the same, so I asked him to do his own research. Luckily he loved what he saw and the decision was made.

We wanted our trip to be both relaxing and invigorating and felt that spending 17 days only in Greece might become a tad monotonous. So Rohit suggested exploring Italy for a few days since it isn’t too far away.

Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

Honeymoon Highlights
While every part of this vacation was super special I would say that one of the most memorable aspects about it was the adventure activity we took part in. We went scuba diving in Greece and it was such an exhilarating experience! We really enjoyed it!

Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

Best Meal of The trip
Every meal was amazing and it is hard to pick one so here’s a short list.

Pizzeria Brandi, Naples, Italy- While Naples credits itself for inventing pizza, this is the restaurant where the Margherita pizza actually gets its name. We ate the pizza, cheese pasta and had it with a glass of wine. Everything was delicious and the live music was the cherry on top!

O Thanasis, Athens, Greece- By the end of our trip, we were in love with Greek food. This restaurant in particular serves the best kebabs and it is situated in a very lively area. We especially loved their Tzatziki!

Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

Most Romantic Moment
The honeymoon was filled with romantic moments. In Mykonos, we came across Dionysis Tsipiras, one of the best photographers in Greece and we did a shoot in some of the most famous locations on the island; the Windmills, Little Venice, Paraportiani Church, etc. It was great because along with stunning photos we got to see the best of Mykonos.

Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

Advice To Couples
While everybody wants to visit the main touristy Greek islands, we recommend adding an offbeat island to your itinerary. We chose Naxos!

Also, it’s a myth that Greece is expensive. If the itinerary is planned after thorough research, you can have a great vacation on a decent budget.

Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy Niharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

Ferry from one Greek island to another. The views are out of this world. Hogging on Gyros, Souvlaki, Kebabs and Greek Yogurt with honey in Greece and lots of Gelato in Italy. Exploring the five villages of Cinque Terre in Italy.

Niharika and Rohit, Greece and ItalyNiharika and Rohit, Greece and Italy

Staying in Thira/Oia (Santorini). It is highly expensive. Instead, choose from the properties on the east side of the Island to witness beautiful sunrises.

Carrying a lot of luggage.

Hotels We Stayed At
Arethusa Hotel, Athens
Athinais Hotel, Athens
Artemis Village, Santorini
Colosseo Studios & Apartments, Naxos
Mykonos Beach Hotel, Mykonos
B&B Hotel, Naples
Plus Florence Hostel, Florence
Bed of Colours, Airbnb, Rome

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