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Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles

Lost in romance, Nilabh and Akash missed their return cruise. However, that turned out to be the highlight of their wonderful Seychelles honeymoon.

This enterprising couple relished the natural beauty, ‘fresh catch’ seafood meals and the pristine serenity of Seychelles. Here, Nilabh shares how Akash decided on Seychelles for their honeymoon, which he tried to keep a secret from her in order to surprise her.

Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles

How We Met
“Akash and I met on the first day of induction in an IT firm where we were both shortlisted during campus placements. We studied together in the same college yet never bumped into each other there – we still can’t figure out why!”

Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles

Honeymoon Planning
“Akash did all the honeymoon research and planning by himself to surprise me at the end. The only reference he had about my tastes was my affinity for the water and beaches. When I asked him about what kind of clothes I should pack, he suggested summery ones and items that were short in length! Ah, that was a hint we were not going to the hills – so it had to be somewhere near the sea! Somehow, I managed to find the ‘secret honeymoon’ destination five days before the marriage!”

Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles

Honeymoon Highlights
“We stayed at Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove on Seychelles’ Beau Vallon Beach on Mahe island. Exploring this resort was an experience in itself! We enjoyed an amazing reception, private beach and our magnificent suite that came with a large living area and a balcony that offered views of the ocean, gardens and stunning sunsets all at the same time. Seychelles is, literally, a paradise on Earth. We were bowled over by the scenic beauty of every island we visited, especially La Digue, Petite Anse, Eden Island Marina and Mahe. Our honeymoon was full of natural beauty, serenity and relaxation.”

Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, SeychellesNilabh and Akash, Seychelles

Best Meal
“We took a cruise from Mahe to La Digue island. At La Digue, we halted for lunch at the Fish Trap Restaurant and Bar. We relished an amazing seafood meal there along with the local beer – SeyBrew Lager. This was our perfect meal of the trip.”

Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles

Most Romantic Moment
“I cannot list the most romantic moment as there so many! However, let me share a funny moment. Akash and I were told to return to the cruise boat after exploring La Digue island by a specific time. It happened to be the last cruise of the day and missing it would have meant that we would be ‘trapped’. We were so busy admiring the beauty of the island and enjoying romantic moments on the beach that we totally forgot to check the time. It was only when we saw other cruisemates disappear that we realized we were late. The public bus to the cruise boat had already left and we had just 10 minutes to make it. All of a sudden we saw a mini truck passing by. The driver was really kind to offer to drop us and we managed to reach the cruise just in time. Although, we had a tough time getting back, I will not forget our romantic moments together on the La Digue beach.”

Nilabh and Akash, Seychelles

Advice for Couples Visiting Seychelles
“If the goal of your honeymoon is to spend time together in total privacy as well as take in some amazing views, Seychelles is the perfect place. One can also partake of amazing activities here such as feeding tortoises, exploring the island’s rich, natural surroundings and fauna such as the interesting coco de mer – a seed that hails from a palm species native to Seychelles, as well as exciting watersports.”

Can Avoid
“Sometimes there are strong sea currents in some areas around Seychelles which can take you by surprise, so take care when swimming or snorkeling.”

Where they stayed
Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove, Mahe

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