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Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia

Nirali and Darshan swung off a hilltop cliff, enjoyed Indian food on a tropical beach and explored serene landscapes during their honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, with its charming landscapes and splendid attractions, proved to be the perfect honeymoon destination for Nirali and Darshan. Here, Nirali share highlights of their 10-day romantic sojourn in this tropical paradise.

Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia

How We Met
“Ours was an arranged marriage and our families introduced us to each other. At the time we met, neither of us was interested in getting married. So in an attempt to buy some more time as singles, we declined the proposal. However, after our meeting, we found that both of us were quite drawn to each other and our minds became increasingly preoccupied with thoughts of the other. That’s how it all began and four months later we decided that it was only right for us to tie the knot.”

Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia

Honeymoon Planning
“We were sure that we wanted our honeymoon to be by the beach. The idea of kicking up our heels on sandy shores and relaxing while listening to the sound of the waves as we sipped on cool drinks appealed to us, so we got to researching destinations that were right for us. We had three places in mind – Bali, Mauritius, and the Philippines. After doing our research, we realized that Bali was the place for us. While looking up specific locations there, we also came across Gili Islands. Charmed by its beauty, we found ourselves extending our itinerary for a few more days so that we include a visit to Gili Trawangan.”

Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia

Honeymoon Highlights
“In Bali, there is an adventure facility that lets you swing from the edge of a hilltop. We got a chance to experience that and it’s something that we will never forget! Since you are practically hanging from a cliff, there is nothing between you and nature and the views are unobstructed. The sights were breathtaking and this was definitely one of the best moments from our honeymoon. Besides that, our stay in Gili Trawangan was also very memorable. With no motorized traffic allowed on the road, the island has managed to create a pollution free environment. The only modes of transport available are bicycles and horse carts!”

Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia

Best Meal of The Trip
“Indian’s love Indian food anywhere in the world – more so when they are not in India! Therefore, you can trust them to sniff out the country’s cuisines, no matter where they go. In Bali, we came across two restaurants that we absolutely loved – Queens of India and Queen’s Tandoor. They had a wide range of both North Indian and South Indian food and both places knew just how to create the right flavor. Since every meal that we ate there was delightful, it is difficult to pick out a single experience that we enjoyed more than the others. However, we did have our favorite dishes at each restaurant. At Queen’s Tandoor we liked the Paneer Tikka the best, and at Queen of India, it was their daal fry and rice.”

Most Romantic Moment
“This was definitely when Darshan had organized a surprise candlelight dinner by the beach for the two of us. Spending time in each other’s company enjoying some delicious food while watching the sunset was a very special experience.”

Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia Nirali and Darshan, Bali, Indonesia

Hotels We Stayed At
Kanishka Villas, Seminyak
Aston Sunset Beach Resort, Gili Trawangan
The Anvaya Beach Resort, Kuta

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