Situated in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a destination where people come to experience island life at its most relaxed and most beautiful. After going through a whirlwind of power-packed wedding functions, Nistha and Sahil knew that it was time to kick their heels up and soak in rest and recreation. Once there, the archipelago swept them off their feet as they went diving, dining and creating timeless memories. Here, Nistha tells us about all the key moments of their trip.

Nistha and Sahil, Maldives

How We Met
“It was my cousin who decided to set us up. She planned a trip to Sula Vineyards with me, and once we were there, she invited Sahil too since he lived in the same city. We spent a good amount of time there, and the next day he offered to give us a lift back home to Mumbai since he was going to the city for some work. During the journey, my sister pretended to fall asleep since she was rooting for us to work out and that served as the second opportunity for us to get to know each other. We ended up exchanging numbers and our conversations continued. Soon after, we began dating and a few months in, we were ready to get married!”

Nistha and Sahil, Maldives
Nistha and Sahil, Maldives


Honeymoon Planning
“Sahil initially wanted to go visit Europe for our honeymoon. However, I had already been there twice, and I wanted this trip to be different and special. Besides, we also realized that after all our hectic wedding, we would want to visit some place that followed a more languid lifestyle and offered endless pretty sights. Thus we locked down on the Maldives, and it was the best decision we made! It felt as though we had stepped into heaven.”

Nistha and Sahil, Maldives Nistha and Sahil, Maldives

Honeymoon Highlights
“Scuba diving with Sahil in the crystalline waters of Maldives was the highlight of our honeymoon. We reached there a day before my birthday, and the next morning he gifted this experience to me. Both of us love adventure activities which is why this is something that both of us enjoyed doing the most!”

Nistha and Sahil, Maldives Nistha and Sahil, Maldives

Best Meal of The trip
“This island nation is known for its seafood. However, Sahil and I are vegetarians which is why we weren’t expecting to be blown away by the food there. However, the Ayada Maldives has an Indian chef and each day he prepared some fabulous cuisines specially for us! While everything that he made there was great, we liked the South Indian breakfast that was prepared for us one morning the best. It had an amazing taste and was served steaming hot.”

Nistha and Sahil, Maldives

Most Romantic Moment
“One night Sahil and I went for a candlelight dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants. Our table had been set up right next to the water, and all we could see was the endless expanse of the ocean and hear the sound of the waves. The cool breeze elevated the mood further, and we spent some wonderful times eating, drinking, talking about our dreams and future lives together.”

Nistha and Sahil, Maldives
Nistha and Sahil, Maldives


Advice For Couples

Must Experience
“Scuba diving. The sights of the underwater world that you will witness are unlike any other and who would be a better person to experience this with than your partner! Besides that, don’t forget to eat the ice creams and drink a lot of coconut water.”

Hotel We Stayed At
“Ayada Maldives”

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