Palak and Manan met through family friends and got married on the 31st of January this year in Navsari. They travelled to the Maldives on a honeymoon nearly three weeks long. Palak tells WeddingSutra all about it.

Palak and Manan

Honeymoon Planning
“There were several reasons to choose the Maldives for our honeymoon,” Palak says, “For one thing, we both just love beaches!” But after the hustle of the wedding, the couple also wanted to avoid the tourist bustle, she says, “We wanted to spend quality time together without the distraction of hordes of tourists. There’s nothing better than the Maldives! You can enjoy the beauty of nature, your partner beside you and the privacy is like nowhere else. It’s almost as if you have an entire island to yourself. So romantic!”

Palak and Manan

Honeymoon Highlights
Palak and Manan stayed at the Sheraton Hotel, Maldives. “It was amazing,” Palak enthuses, “I’d go back there any time! The staff was so friendly, helpful and co-operative. Whether it was the front-desk, the bar manager or the housekeeping staff – they knew we were there on our honeymoon so they made such an effort for us – decorating our room a couple of times, putting out little surprises like pastries or bottles of wine.”

Palak and Manan

Palak and Manan

Despite the lure of the beach, the couple also managed to take in some sights, “We visited several islands in the Maldives. We also took a trip to Malé where we visited the Grand Mosque and the National Museum. Then we went to the local market and purchased a lot of coral.”

Palak and Manan

Palak and Manan

Best Meal
The most wonderful meal of the trip was arranged by Palak’s new husband, “It was a surprise,” she says, “A candle light dinner, on the sea shore, with a seven course meal… soups, hors d’oeuvres, entrées, wine, desserts…”

Palak and Manan

Most Romantic Moment
And it’s not surprising that that meal was the most romantic moment of the trip, being the wonderful, thoughtful gesture it was. Palak says, “Everything was perfect, the sound of the waves, sitting under a starry sky, the love of my life beside me.”

Palak and Manan

Palak and Manan

Palak and Manan

Advice to couples
Palak’s advice is simple. The Maldives is a Must-Go for your honeymoon.

Where They Stayed
Sheraton Hotel, Maldives

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