For Preeti and Vipul, it was their first huge professional achievement that also gave them the greatest gift in their personal lives. Day one of work at Microsoft was when they first met, before becoming close and eventually falling in love. Soon after their wedding in India, the two jetted off to the Maldives. The bride tells us all about their romantic journey.

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

How We Met
“Vipul and I met at the employee orientation on our first day at the Microsoft Seattle headquarters. The two best things of my life happened at the same time! However, it wasn't love at first sight. Instead, it was a year of being friends, with travelling, music concerts and a shared love for food that eventually evolved into the most comfortable relationship.

Ours is a tale of friendship and comfort like no other. We are total opposites and have been nicknamed ‘Vipreet’ in our friends circle. We share one common belief: that the great times we have had together can help us pull through even the darkest of days.”

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

Honeymoon Planning
“We were initially planning on going to Bora Bora but, because we decided to pay for the entire wedding ourselves and soon plan to buy our dream home in Seattle, we went in for a budgeted option and settled on the Maldives.”

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

Honeymoon Highlights
“After the craziness of the big fat wedding, we needed to unwind. We just relaxed while spending time at our resort, releasing the stress as we listened to the calming sounds of the waves. We did end up taking a trip to one of the islands nearby and were pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the day turned out to be.”

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives
Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

Best Meal of The Trip
“Being vegetarians, our food choices were limited so we stuck to eating at the main restaurant at the resort. Their extensive buffet spread helped maximize our options. From the meals we had, it’s hard to pick a favourite. The food was good, desserts were brilliant and service was beyond amazing. The best part were the views that we were treated to as we sat on a wooden deck on the beach, overlooking the turquoise waters!”

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

Most Romantic Moment
“We went snorkelling one morning. My husband held my hand and swam to a spot with colorful fish all around us. He signed ‘I love you’ and it reminded me of the first time he said those words - when we were snorkelling in Hawaii. We certainly have a special connection with the ocean!”

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

Preeti and Vipul, Maldives

Advice For Couples
“Just relax and enjoy the beauty of the place! After visiting Hawaii, we were not sure if any place would even come close in terms of stunning beaches and aquatic life. The Maldives, however, took our breath away. Get a couples massage at the spa with views of the calm water, go snorkeling and let the beautiful sunsets win you over!”

“Snorkeling! The sights you will see are beyond words. Also, the seaplane ride! The views of the islands from up above are truly mesmerizing!”

“Avoid packing too much for a four- to five-day long trip. Don’t make a very hectic itinerary by trying to squeeze in too many places or activities. Indian weddings are stressful and if your vacation is short, you will want to make the most of it by recuperating! For us, time flew by at the resort just snorkelling, relaxing and overcoming the exertion of the five-day wedding!”

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