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Prekshaa and Gaurav – Spain

Prekshaa and Gaurav headed off to beautiful Spain for 11 days of fun and romance

We met by chance. He was in the neighbourhood volunteering, selling passes for a cause on the street. He put his excellent marketing skills to good use and sold my sister a pass. Impressed with him, she played Cupid and set us up on a blind date. Her intuition was spot on! We got married on the 8th of December, 2015 in Mumbai.

Honeymoon Highlights
We’d been trying to decide on a destination for a year. We considered Greece, Italy but finally decided on Spain with its beaches and mountains, perfect mix of history and contemporary culture. Gaurav loves historic architecture and so the country is the perfect destination for him. I was just lured by Barca’s fashion heritage.

We began our holiday in Barcelona, visiting the amazing Sagrada Familia and other buildings by and inspired by Gaudi. We soaked in the vibe of the city, taking strolls in the park, on the beach. We even went to Campa Nou, the FCB home ground.

In Ibiza, we had an apartment at the Aparthotel Jabeque Soul. I still dream about waking up to that view! This was our time to unwind so we spent time on the gorgeous beach, walking by the coastline, enjoying the sunset, sipping cocktails by the beach and partying, Ibiza style at Pacha!

Sevilla had so much to offer. We started off by heading to the oh-so-pretty Cordoba where we visited the famous bridge, the Alcazar and got wowed by the architecture that seamlessly combines the old and the new. We cycled in the parks, sailed on the river and walked and explored the city. Spain Square and Alcazar (also the location for Game of Thrones) are both breathtakingly beautiful!

We then headed to Toledo, a UNESCO world heritage city and then on to Madrid where we ate delicious food, shopped and took far too many pictures in front of the palace!

Best meal
As vegetarians, we assumed finding food in Spain would be a struggle but we were pleasantly surprised! There was no dearth of vegetarian and vegan options. The food at Retro Gusto in Ibiza was my favourite! I’m big time into clean eating, a concept that is still very new in India and we had the most amazing handmade ravioli there. Sitting, staring at the beach and listening to how passionate the owners are about the concept truly made our day.

Most romantic moment
Sitting in our balcony at Ibiza and watching the beautiful Mediterranean waters while I sipped my cocktails and he his coffee

Hop on hop off tours in whichever city you visit take 2-3 hours to finish and you learn so much about the place! Then you can sift through the information and know where you want to head to explore more.

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