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Priyanka and Yash, South Africa

Brimming with romance, adventure, and rich wildlife, this couple’s South African honeymoon was well worth the long flight!

Priyanka and Yash, fellow fitness freaks fell in love while working out together and tied the knot in their hometown, Mumbai. Being ardent lovers of wildlife and adventure, the duo wasted no time in selecting the picturesque South Africa as their honeymoon destination where they could bask in the sunshine while exploring the lush countryside.

South Africa Honemoon
South Africa Honemoon

Honeymoon Planning
Priyanka shares, “We wanted to choose a location that would be unique, while also being a well-balanced combination of adventure and romance. As we both shared a keen affinity for everything related to wildlife and nature, we zeroed in on South Africa which was absolutely perfect.”

Honeymoon Highlights
Recollecting the best moments from her trip, Priyanka shares, “We flew to South Africa in the month of January for a lengthy two-week honeymoon. And our first stop was the beautiful Kruger National Park where we were extremely lucky as we got to witness the Big Five (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, and African Buffalo) all on the very same day!
Cape Town and Mossel Bay also remain close to our heart along with Table Top Mountain, Lions Head & Cape Point/Cape of Good Hope. The V & A waterfront is also a serene romantic place.”

South Africa Honemoon

South Africa Honemoon
South Africa Honemoon

Most romantic moment
“For us, the most romantic moment was the time we spent in the forest. It was akin to heaven for us as we reveled in the silence and peace of nature. Also, the shark cage diving experience brought us closer and made us feel so alive!” shares Priyanka.

South Africa Honemoon
South Africa Honemoon

“Skydiving, helicopter ride, shark cage diving, National Park game drive, and Table Top Mountain should definitely be on your list if you plan on visiting South Africa.”, says Priyanka.

South Africa Honemoon
South Africa Honemoon

“I’d suggest not wandering off on the streets late in the night and jeopardizing your safety.” advises Priyanka.

Hotels We Stayed At
Peermont Metcourt Hotel, Johannesburg
Diaz Hotel & Resort, Mossel Bay
Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa, Cape Town
Nkambeni Safari Camp, Kruger National Park

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