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Remitha and Shyam – Bali

Remitha and Shyam pick Bali for its serene beaches, gorgeous temples, amazing weather and much more

Remitha and Shyam went to Bali for their honeymoon post their wedding in September.


Shyam is a Financial Consultant at Price Water House Coopers, while Remitha works with Cummins India Ltd. They take time out to let us in on their Bali experience…


It would be only right to say that we were spoilt for choice, with options like Phuket, Langkawi, Bali and Singapore. We zeroed in on Bali realising that unlike Phuket or Langkawi, Bali is not entirely about beaches. Neither is it a commercial shopping paradise like Singapore with towering buildings all over. I think we chose wisely! It’s a pretty place with serene beaches, gorgeous temples, amazing weather and much more. The place even offers a bunch of activities for the adventurous ones.

We stayed in a lovely resort called Seminyak Lagoon and Novotel in Nusa Dua. It is close to the beach and attracts a lot of tourists.



Must do:

  • I’d say the Scuba Diving experience at Nusa Dua is a must! The clear blue waters and the coral reef just make it all the more thrilling. However, I’d suggest you avoid going through any agent as it’ll only be an additional (and totally avoidable) expense. You can just walk to the beach and catch the professional Scuba team there, and start bargaining.
  • The Bar pools at Nusa Dua Hotel are also great fun for honeymooners.


Top Tips:

  • While it’s a very touristy thing to travel to Kintamani from Nusa Dua, I’d recommend you give that a miss-it’s too much of a walk to see a huge hill scarred with volcanic eruptions.
  • I’d also suggest that you make your food preference pretty clear as the local food is either too sweet or bland.
  • I preferred booking my flights directly through Air Asia Promo fares. The hotel bookings were through Agoda.com, and rest of the bookings were managed on the spot!


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