The land of some of the most romantic sunsets and one-of-a kind landscapes, Santorini never fails to cast a spell over tourists from all over the world. Enticed by its spectacular beauty, Renu and Vishesh decided to dedicate all the five days of their honeymoon to this Greek hotspot. Here, Renu shares special memories of their stay there.

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Honeymoon Planning
'The initial contenders for our honeymoon destination were Greece, Mauritius and Paris. It was a tough call but, Santorini came out as the winner. We fell in love with the soaring hillside embedded with the buildings bathed in white and blue that extend to you a coolness even on the warmest afternoons."

Honeymoon Highlights
"Our hike from Fira to Oia was unbelievably beautiful, with the views of the endless Aegean Sea from several points of the trail. The waters sparkled as the sunlight hit its cobalt surface and the entire scenery was breathtaking. Another great memory is from the day we went beach hopping and visited the Red Beach, Black Beach, and the Vlychada beach. A deep contrast to the golden, sandy beaches in the rest of Greece, these were nothing like anything we had seen before. Our visits to the Santos Winery, Byzantine ruins and Ammoudi Bay also remain some of our favorite stops in Santorini."

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece Villa Lukas, Santorini

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Best Meal of the Trip
"Avocado was our favorite restaurant. The service was wonderful, the seafood was fresh, and the chocolate souffle was one of the best desserts we've ever had. We even ordered a second souffle and kind staff gave it to us on the house."

Most Romantic Moment
"Having our photos taken by Santorini Photography formed some of our most romantic moments. Our photographer took us to such unique and picturesque locations, far from any other tourists. It was just us enjoying being in the moment in a peaceful, beautiful setting.

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Renu and Vishesh, Santorini, Greece

Tips for Couples Planning Their Honeymoons
"Our advice isn’t entirely destination specific, but we do recommend getting a local SIM card when travelling to a different country. We also bought one, and it which helped us navigate through the foreign streets with so much ease. In Santorini, a lot of roads are unnamed, small and poorly lit at night. Given these conditions, finding a location and tracing back where you came from can get difficult without GPS."

Must-Experience Activities
"One of our favorite activities was the boat tour. We got to socialize and make friends with people who we would have never met otherwise. We also swam in hot springs, had a delicious Mediterranean dinner prepared fresh on the boat, and got to see stunning views of Santorini from the water which aren’t visible by land. We also got to witness the famous Oia sunset during the cruise."

"Avoid the bus. While they are more affordable, you'll end up wasting hours just to travel a short distance. It’s just not worth it. Renting a car on the other hand will have you zipping through the city. It is quick and convenient."

Hotel you stayed at
Villa Lukas, Santorini

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