Bollywood style romance in Switzerland and a Hollywood style rendezvous in Paris meant Shelly and Sourav’s honeymoon was filled with the sweetest moments. The bride shares with us the highlights.

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

How We Met
Sourav and I were both pursuing our MBA. As friends, we’d spend hours talking about our day-to-day problems and discussing about case studies. We began to take epic trips together and somewhere along the line, our friendship turned into a much stronger bond. As we made more memories together, we realized we had a future together.

This journey has been one of the best things that happened to us. There’s nothing better than spending your life with the person who knows you inside-out, someone who cares for you the most, who is also your best friend.

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Honeymoon Planning
With the luxury of a four or five week honeymoon, it made sense to go all out and make the most of this trip! Snow-capped mountains, beautiful architecture, historic sites, gothic churches, crackling nightlife, quiet moments of calm, canals, wine, food, chances to take beautiful pictures, football – our trip spanned all of this as we went from Europe to Eqypt!

With an itinerary like ours, we were determined not to rush anything either. We wanted to savor every destination and everything it had to offer. It only made sense to take our time exploring every place we visited.

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Shelly and Sourav, Europe
Shelly and Sourav, Europe
Shelly and Sourav, Europe
Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Honeymoon Highlights

Best meal of the trip
As enthusiastic foodies, we did a lot of research about where to eat in every city on our trip. We picked the best restaurants and it would be unfair to just mention one restaurant. There were so many that found the way to our hearts, through our bellies!

If we absolutely had to, I’d say Hus Hiltl in Zurich was amazing. We had the vegan buffet there and the place deserves a five out of five on service, food and ambience!

Most romantic moment
“Despite the tired clichés, Paris has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable romantic rendezvous for anyone in love. One of the moments we are going to remember forever was when we took the River Limousine cruise over the most beautiful waterway in the world, the river Seine. We had candlelight dinner on board and everything was just perfect. This night left us with a bunch of unique, magical and unforgettable views of the City of Light and a warm fuzzy feeling!”

Shelly and Sourav, Europe
Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Shelly and Sourav, Europe

Advice To Couples
1. “Don’t cram in too many cities in your itinerary if your vacation is not going to be very long.
2. Keep some room for spontaneous activities instead of planning every last detail of your trip”

“Some exquisite wines and lots of walks. The places we went to were great for exploring on foot.”

“Discussing politics with the locals and carrying a large suitcase full of clothes. “

Hotels we Stayed At
The Hague Marriott Hotel, Hague
Holiday Inn Express Paris-Canal de la Villette
Swissôtel Zürich
Hôtel International & Terminus Genève
Hotel El Palace, Barcelona
Hotel Catalonia Ramblas, Barcelona
Hotel Star Inn Lisbon Aeroporto, Portugal,
Hilton Cairo

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