As they explored sun-kissed islands on bicycles, discovered a love for Creole cuisine and went snorkeling in the archipelago, Shravya and Sushil made some happy memories.

How we met
Sushil is an engineer from North Carolina, USA and I am a creative graphic designer from Mumbai. While Sushil always wanted to marry an engineer, I wanted to settle down with a Mumbai-based guy. Then Sushil’s cousin, a close friend, played Cupid. She knew us both really well and thought we were perfect for each. We were introduced and after only a few interactions on Whatsapp and Skype, we realized that we were very compatible. Our parents were more than happy about this relationship and that's how it all started.

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Honeymoon Planning
We wanted to go to a visa-free country for our honeymoon. We’d almost finalized Mauritius until one day, while surfing we came across the Seychelles. The fact that it was visa-on-arrival worked for us and we thought it would be the perfect honeymoon destination.

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Honeymoon Highlights
We spread our stay across the islands of Praslin and Mahe, staying at beautiful beachside resorts. The Acajou Beach Resort at Praslin has the best in-house service we’ve ever experienced! The luxurious Coral Strand Beach Resort in Mahe has cozy rooms and is perfect for a honeymoon. We went for short walks and bike rides along the Cote d’Or beach and when we wanted to explore further, we rented a car and drove to the other gorgeous islands in the area. We also explored the streets of Beau Vallon on foot and took a shot at snorkeling and other water sports.

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Best meal of the trip
It has to be the Creole chicken curry and rice we had at Acajou Beach Resort, it was delicious!

Most romantic moment
An evening at Sunset Beach, Mahe was our most romantic. The fact that we could experience the sunset together at the most beautiful island was a wonderful feeling.

Your advice to other couples visiting Seychelles
• Please use mineral water to brush your teeth and wash your face since the tap water has a lot of chlorine and can affect you if you have sensitive skin
• Carry Seychelles currency as euros are not accepted everywhere.
• Renting a car is much cheaper than taking taxis.

Shravya and Sushil - Seychelles

Praslin Island and La Digue are beautiful.

Curieuse Island is very crowded. Besides, you can always spot a giant tortoise on other beaches too.

Where They Stayed
The Acajou Beach Resort, Praslin
Coral Strand Beach Resort, Mahe

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