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Shruti and Pradeep – Europe

Shruti and Pradeep enjoyed romantic walks and beautiful sunsets on their honeymoon in Europe

Pradeep is from Gulbarga and I’m from Mangalore. We both work at the same IT firm in Bangalore and that’s where we met. We were friends for a year before we decided to get married. Because my home town is alien to Pradeep and his family and vice versa, we got married in Bangalore!

Shruti and Pradeep

Honeymoon Planning
Neither of us had been to Europe so we were quite sure we wanted to honeymoon there. Our wedding was in November and with December being really cold and us not super comfortable with very low temperatures, we shortlisted three countries for their pleasant weather – Spain, Greece and Italy. In the end, we picked Italy for its culture, history, architecture and food (though to us, the pizza was a big disappointment.)
We visited Rome, the Vatican in Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice and Milan. In Rome we stayed at Kolping Hotel Casa Domitilla. In Florence we loved Hotel Vasari, in Venice we chose Hotel Ca’ d’Oro and it was Hotel La Residenza in Milan.

Shruti and Pradeep

Shruti and Pradeep

Shruti and Pradeep

Most Romantic moment
Our most romantic moment was walking the streets of Florence at twilight. The view of the sunset from Ponte Vecchio was epic.

Advice to couples
– Make your own itinerary. It avoids confusion and helps you spend quality time in places rather then being hurried along.
– Book visits to places like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican Tours etc in advance. You don’t want to miss these iconic places but you don’t want to stand for hours in a queue!
– Avoid domestic flights in Italy. Use the train instead.

Must experience
Walk through Florence and Venice and try and catch the sunsets. They’re beautiful.

Can Avoid
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa; we thought it was a lot of hype and not really worth a special visit.

Where They Stayed
Kolping Hotel Casa Domitilla, Rome
Hotel Vasari, Florence
Hotel Ca’ d’Oro, Venice
Hotel La Residenza, Milan

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