Spoorthi and Madhu got hitched in Bangalore on September 1, 2013. A Gowda girl from Bangalore Spoorthi is the only child of her parents and studied BE before she moved to California to pursue her MS. She worked briefly in Hamshire and returned to India, to get engaged to her love, Madhu in March 2013. Madhu is also a Gowda boy from Bangalore. With two MBAs in his kitty and a PhD in the pipeline, Madhu works as a manager in Toyota, Bidadi. Since both of them are water lovers, the beautiful Maldives islands seemed like a natural fit for their honeymoon. They tell us more..





Two of Madhu's friends had been to the Maldives for their honeymoon, and their amazing reviews encouraged him to take his new bride there as well. "I too had read so much about this romantic destination so when Madhu told me Maldives my immediate response was 'yaay'," recalls Spoorthi. 

"We stayed at Paradise Island Resort & Spa for 6 days and 5 nights. The crystal clear water and lagoons as clear as swimming pools didn't make me want to leave at all! We booked the tickets through a travel agent associated with Madhu's company. It was a smooth sail without any hassles. The Maldives has immense opportunities to indulge in a variety of water sports and we loved every bit of the adventure.We went snorkeling and jet skiing. We were keen on parasailing as well but had to drop our plans due to heavy winds. We participated in feeding baby sharks in the open sea and it was a wonderful experience," says Spoorthi.


Madhu talks about how everything there is 'perfect': "We felt like royalty during our stay there. Clean and clear water and adventure in its midst, little wonder Maldives is considered the most amazing honeymoon destination."


When it came to food, the duo tried different dishes and state that its good to try a variety of cuisines, especially when you can get it all under one roof. "Each day was a different culinary experience. But the sea food is outstanding", emphasises Spoorthi.

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