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Sruti and Shyamsundar – Hawaii

A beach honeymoon is what she had always yearned for, so they took off to Hawaii.

Sruti Harikumar, an ex-techie from Chennai and her husband Shyamsundar Gopalakrishnan, a goober working for a software giant in California had a ‘much-awaited’ arranged marriage. The couple’s parents met through a matrimonial website and fixed them up. From the minute they met, it was like they knew they were meant for each other. ‘Why on earth didn’t I meet you earlier?’ is what they’ve been asking each other ever since! Sruti and Shyamsundars courtship phase lasted for a good nine months before they tied the knot.

Like every girl, Sruti had her dreamy thoughts about her wedding day and honeymoon. A beach honeymoon is what she had always yearned for, so they took off to Hawaii covering two islands – The Big Island (Kona) and Maui. The first picture that comes to one’s mind about Hawaii may include exquisite blue lagoons, pristine beaches and exotic vegetation but Hawaii has much more to offer, says Sruti who recounts her experience for us.



We had a week-long vacation (November 23, 2013 to November 30, 2013) and it was the quintessential honeymoon. We had our share of fun activities and also had ample time to unwind and relax. We spent the first four days at Royal Kona Resorts at the Big Island. The resort is located at the heart of a small animated town filled with bistros, pubs and eateries serving delicious food. The resort houses two amazing restaurants, tennis courts, swimming pools and a beautiful private lagoon. We relished every meal at Kona, even though we were vegetarians, which is like saying a lot considering Hawaii is famous mainly for its seafood. The romantic candle-light dinner at The Ocean Grill by Four Seasons, right by the sea was the most unforgettable experience! We also had a fun road trip to The Volcanoes National Park where we witnessed an active volcano. It was quite a novel experience. The best part of the trip was a deluxe snorkeling and dive cruise in the luxurious yacht- HulaKai. A six hour long snorkelling cruise and the delectable food served on-board made our day!



At our next stop, we stayed at The Napili shores resort in Maui; a peaceful place with access to a stunning private beach. We really enjoyed our visits to Maui Town which has many small alleys and streets filled with interesting art/photography galleries, ice-cream shops and stores. We fancied watching the sunset at Whaler’s village, an ideal place for shopping and fine-dining, bustling with people. On our last day at Maui, we indulged in a segway tour of the serene Lao Valley and a road trip to Hana village which had breathtaking scenic views and a number of mini-waterfalls along the way.




– A great way to explore Hawaii is by renting a car. Rentals are reasonably priced and located at airports for convenient pick up and drop offs.
– Hawaii offers a myriad of activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, zip lining, surfing, dolphin tours and luau nights to mention a few.
– Carry light clothes preferably cotton ones as the days are very warm. Also tuck in a wrap for breezy evenings. Do not forget sunglasses and hats.
– A basic skin care tip is to dab on sunscreen before getting into water in order to avoid sunburn.
– The best way to have a perfect honeymoon is by striking a balance between the activities and time for relaxation. Having a jam packed schedule may end up getting you exhausted and on the other hand, no activities mean missing out on some awesome fun.


Restaurant Recommendations:
– Bongo Ben’s at Kona- for the best breakfast in town.
– Penne Pasta at Maui is great for Italian food

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