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Sumaiya and Faizal, Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Oman

From urban thrills to unparalleled luxury, scenic beauty to sensational cuisine - Singapore, Oman, the Maldives, and Dubai served up memorable experiences for honeymooners Faizal and Sumaiya

After the hectic wedding, Sumaiya and Faizal wanted to rest and refresh themselves while indulging in romance. Mapped across the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai, and Oman, their honeymoon itinerary included stays at top-rated hotels that offered unmatched service and hospitality such as two of Jumeirah’s best properties – the Jumeirah Vittavelli Resort in the Maldives and Dubai’s Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. They also explored the cultural wealth of Oman and urban attractions of Singapore. Here, Sumaiya shares some highlights of her honeymoon.

Sumaiya and Faizal, the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Oman

How We Met
“Never in a million years would I have thought that social media – Instagram to be precise – would lead me to my future husband. Faizal began the conversation very tactfully. There was no pick-up line nor any crazy, ‘Hey, I’ve seen you before’ backstory. After noticing my love for fashion through my profile, he offered me a job as he works in the same industry. I lived in Bolton, and he resided in Leicester which is two hours away by road. However, my dreams of owning a fashion brand drove me to the opportunity, and that is how our conversation bolstered. Today, two-and-a-half years later, I couldn’t be happier! We tied the knot at the Town Hall in Accrington.”

Sumaiya and Faizal, the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Oman

Honeymoon Planning
“While Dubai and Oman were on my must-visit list since the start, we considered Mexico as well. However, since my foodie husband probably would not have liked the delicacies there, we chose my dream venue, the Maldives! And with Singapore being another close option we added it to the itinerary too.”

Sumaiya and Faizal, the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Oman Sumaiya and Faizal, the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Oman

Honeymoon Highlights
“The entire experience was amazing! We refreshed and rekindled our energies under clear skies and on pristine beaches after the hectic wedding. Every destination on our map, be it the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai, or Oman, amazed us with their natural beauty, rejuvenating activities, and exotic flavors. While the Universal Studios and Sentosa Island at Singapore gifted us some vibrant memories, the culturally rich country of Oman pampered us with world-class luxury.”

Jumeirah Vittavelli Resort, MaldivesJumeirah Vittavelli Resort, Maldives

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, DubaiJumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai

Six Senses Zighy Bay, OmanSix Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

Sumaiya and Faizal, the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Oman

Best Meal of the Trip
“The food was great both in Maldives and Dubai. However, if I had to choose one meal, it would be the dish that Faizal relished – a fresh fish platter, prepared by Chef Koushik at MU Beach Bar and Grill at the Jumeirah Vittavelli Resort in the Maldives.”

Sumaiya and Faizal, the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Oman

Most Romantic Moment
With a smile on her face, Sumaiya recalls, “The entire honeymoon was an amazing experience. However, the memory I’ll always cherish is our walk on a clear and pristine beach in Oman. Under the night sky, as we walked hand-in-hand, the breeze carried a such a pure emotion of love! Halfway through the walk, Faizal randomly stopped, kissed my forehead and said that we’ll always stay like this.”

Advice for Couples

“If you’re looking for a truly romantic escape, I would suggest Maldives and Oman as the ideal destinations. The luxurious setting of Jumeirah Vittavelli Resort Maldives was a cherry on the cake! Their Manchow Soup is now one of my top favorites. I’ve dreamt of its mouth-watering aroma and unmatched taste six times already! Six Senses Zighy Bay at Oman was another property that pampered us in the lap of luxury.”

Sumaiya and Faizal, the Maldives, Singapore, Dubai & Oman

Hotels We Stayed At
Maldives: Jumeirah Vittavelli Resort
Singapore: Marina Bay Sands
Dubai: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
Oman: Six Senses Zighy Bay

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