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Swati and Ravi D’Silva – New York, Vegas and Miami

New York, Vegas and Miami - Swati and Ravi's glamorous US Honeymoon.

Swati Hans from Chandigarh and Ravi D’Silva from Mumbai took off to the US for their honeymoon. After browsing through options like Bora Bora and Australia, the couple chose to zero in on US since they knew exactly which places they wanted to visit. Indeed, the agenda was clear-just enjoying their holiday, exploring places, eating, partying and relaxing. They share their experience and recommendations here.




New York City-

when in The Big Apple don’t miss out on:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Top of Empire State Building
  • Eat at a roof top restaurant
  • Visit clubs and pubs in the meat packing district
  • Spend a few hours at Times Square and Madame Tussauds
  • Drive to Manhattan
  • Relax at the Central Park
  • Watch the sunset by the Brooklyn Bridge



Las Vegas-

When in Vegas, do not think twice about splurging and pampering yourself.

  • Food affair: From sushi, juicy hamburgers, exotic Italian to Indian restaurants, the Vegas strip has options in abundance.
  • Shopping in Vegas: The worlds most expensive luxury brands to The Dollar Store, the options are varied and many.
  • Adventure rides: Don’t miss the 360 roller coaster at the New York New York Hotel, free fall and indoor sky diving.




The Miami experience is truly unparalleled.

  • Beaches: The beautiful clear beaches, surfers in action, tanned single travellers and honeymooners ‚ you find a mix of all here.
  • Thrill: The Everglades Alligator Farm is both scary and a thrilling experience.
  • Food wise: South Beach and Coconut Grove are the 24 hour party and eating places.


We suggest that you plan on staying at The Encore Resort at The Wynn in Vegas. It is one the best and most recent properties on the Vegas strip with best interiors, night clubs and delicious food. Sonesta Bayfront Hotel Coconut Grove in Miami and Dream Hotel in New York would be the best bet.

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