They danced their way into each other’s hearts - quite literally! Vishwanath and Veda are both Mumbai-based choreographers, and first met around seven years ago at a dance audition in college - she was a classical-dance loving participant and he was the hip-hop-crazy judge. She joined his team and they grew closer over time. “She made me feel like a king,” shares Vishwanath. They started working for the same dance company, and this brought them together daily. She impressed his family and friends, and took the initiative of asking him out. There was no looking back after that. The couple tied the knot in Mumbai and took off for a 14-day trip to Greece in April this year.

Veda and Vishwanath

Honeymoon Highlights
The couple wanted to have a ‘party vacation’ instead of a typical honeymoon so they chose Greece. “We had heard that the party scenes and natural beauty of the place were crazy!” shares Vishwanath. They visited Athens, Mykonos and Santorini which they vouch for as being the best three places to visit there. Apart from the buzzing party scene, the couple found Greece naturally serene. “Plus, the people we met were really nice.” In Santorini, they stayed at the Arressana Hotel Spa & Suites - a stunning all-white structure with fabulous sea views. They chose the family-friendly low-rise Petinos Hotel in Mykonos.

Veda and Vishwanath loved exploring the labyrinths of Mykonos town and Fira - the scenic capital of Santorini which offers dreamy dramatic views with its whitewashed buildings and brilliant blue waters. They also visited the charming village of Oia in Santorini. They found the beaches of Mykonos cleaner and better maintained than those at Santorini. They capped their Greece sojourn with a stopover in another party town - Dubai - on their way back to Mumbai.

Veda and Vishwanath

Veda and Vishwanath

Veda and Vishwanath

Veda and Vishwanath

Best Meal
“We are both vegetarians so we enjoyed tucking into dishes such as Greek salads, vegetarian souvlaki and falafels,” recounts Vishwanath. They relished dining out at some Indian restaurants which they say were good, and became fans of the Alfa and Mythos brands of beer there. They also tried the anise-flavoured local liquor called Ouzo.

Most Romantic moment
“Our most romantic moment during our honeymoon has to be all those relaxed and romantic moments we spent at Mykonos beach and Oia,” shares Veda.

Veda and Vishwanath

The couple recommends visiting the village of Oia, attending day parties at Mykonos, riding quad bikes to explore different neighboring cities and booking scenic cruises on local ferries.

Athens for a long stay

“Couple must avoid Athens if they are not big history or culture fans,” states Vishwanath.

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