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Vidushi and Pratik – New Zealand

A custom-designed honeymoon to New Zealand from A Travel Duet

Vidushi Mandhyan and Pratik Agarwala from Kolkata got married in December 2013 and traveled on their honeymoon soon after. They picked New Zealand and Bora Bora as their holiday destinations after consulting Pritish Shah of A Travel Duet. Says Vidushi: “We knew we had limited options as a lot of places would be extremely cold, weather-wise. Me and Pratik are both travel buffs– we wanted to explore places, seek adventure and also relax. So our travel planners knew they had to plan something which was a combination of all this.”

Vidushi and Pratik were keen on having the smallest details of their holiday fine-tuned and set to perfection. This worked well for the ‘A Travel Duet‘ team who specialize in designing bespoke itineraries and unique travel experiences. Says Pratik: “The best part of working with Pritish is that he is well traveled and he spends a lot of time with clients planning their honeymoon.”

Our Recommendations

– Splurge where you should. The highlight of our trip was ‘Eagles Nest’ which is a part of the Luxury Lodges of New Zealand. The amazing experiences there included a private dining set-up where the chef came and cooked some brilliant food in our villa. Every couple going to New Zealand must experience a stay in this Lodge.

– If you’re going to Bora Bora you must consider staying at the Four Seasons as the experience there is beyond compare. The property, service, over water bungalows and the stunning landscapes, all make for a very romantic stay.

– Indulge in gourmet experiences. But don’t be shy of experimenting with local cuisine- it is the freshest and can be super delicious.
– Plan as much as possible, but finding time for what is not planned for is also fun.

– Be open to suggestions from your travel planners. And tell them about your interests and likes so they can customize the plan. A lot of activities we indulged in and hotels we stayed at were recommended by our travel planners. Thanks to spending time with them, and all their inputs, we had the best holiday of our lives.”

– Give as much input as possible at the onset to your travel consultant for them to truly customise the honeymoon to your taste, budget and preference.

To plan a custom-designed honeymoon like Pratik and Vidushi’s, email A Travel Duet atbliss@atravelduet.com

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