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Cynthia and Jason, The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel, Texas, USA

A simple yet stunning affair where the gorgeous bride glowed in an off-shoulder, mermaid cut dress.

An electrifying first meeting which was spurred on by friends who played cupid, Cynthia and Jason finally entered their happily ever after with a simple and beautiful wedding in Texas, USA, as their family members looked on. As these two soulmates took their tear-inducing vows to protect and cherish each other, their love-filled special moments were captured in perfect frames. 

Ivy Weddings Photography

How They Met
Cynthia, who hails from New Jersey was visiting her cousin who had recently moved from New Jersey to Texas. Making the most of their reunion, Cynthia and her cousins decided to go out for a friend’s birthday, and as fate would have it, Jason, in his last year of medical school, knew one of her friends. As the night went on, Jason was informed about a cute girl (Cynthia) whom he hadn’t met yet. Emboldened after a drink or two, he decided to wingman for his friend and marched straight up behind her to introduce himself. When she spun around, he was so taken aback by her striking looks, that he forgot his wingman duty and introduced himself instead. Both electrified by each other, decided to exchange numbers within the first minute of their meeting itself.

Wedding Venue
The couple took their vows at the Holy Family of Nazareth and their reception was held at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Fort Worth at the Outdoor Terrace. Cynthia, however, was well prepared for everything as she had a clear vision in mind, all thanks to the Pinterest board she’d started back in the freshman year of college.

Worthington Renaissance Hotel

Wedding Planning
For Cynthia, the most important thing was to make sure her wedding was not overly glamorous. To ensure this, she went easy on the decor and directed their funds to be spent on critical things like, videography, photography, hair, makeup and outfit which mattered the most to her. With JTorry on makeup, and Blissful Celebrations on decor, the entire ceremony went off smoothly. Ivy Weddings behind the lens caught each tender moment including precious candid shots, for the couple to cherish for a lifetime. The wedding itself was a beautiful combination of two Malayalee cultures, Syro Malabar and Knanaya. Even though it’s forbidden for Knanayas to be able to partake in their cultural activities if they marry a ‘non-kna’, Cynthia was lucky enough to have a supportive family that were not rigid about these restrictions. This let her celebrate wedding festivities that were deeply embedded in her culture and family with fluid ease.

Wedding Functions

Church Wedding
The church wedding was a cozy and elegant affair that was attended by the duo’s near and dear ones. As the kids walked in before the bride scattering rose petals and bearing placards that read ‘Can’t be trusted with the rings’ the cuteness levels touched a new high. The decor was largely swathed in hues of baby pink, white and soft gold which were also reflected in the outfits of the bride and her bridesmaids. Cynthia looked stunning in an embroidered white number whose off-shoulder neckline and mermaid cut flattered her curvy figure. Adding a touch of drama was a charcoal ‘smokey’ eye look that emphasized her dark almond-shaped eyes. Jason contrasted his bride and chose to don an all-black suit for the occasion which he accessorized with a silver pocket watch.

smokey eye look

White wedding dress
mermaid cut dress
White wedding makeup look
Ivy Weddings Photography
mermaid cut dress
mermaid cut white gown
Black suit
Groom's style

Ivy Weddings Photography Ivy Weddings Photography Ivy Weddings Photography

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography by Ivy Weddings

Wedding Photography by Ivy Weddings

Bridal bouquet
Bridal entry

Church Wedding Church Wedding

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography by Ivy Weddings

Wedding Photography by Ivy Weddings Wedding Photography by Ivy Weddings Groomsmen Bridesmaids

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography by Ivy Weddings
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography by Ivy Weddings

Since Cynthia had an ardent desire to follow her ancestors’ traditions and culture, the reception was a two-part affair, in one of which, she sported a traditional bluish-purple zari silk saree while Jason donned an ultramarine bandhgala and lit a lamp to celebrate their union as man and wife. Keeping the Knanayan tradition in mind, the couple also entered the wedding venue accompanied by the wedding procession doing the ‘Nadavili’. In the second part of the reception held at the same venue, Cynthia dressed up in a traditional red sequined lehenga. Jason chose to keep it simple yet classy in an all-black suit. Set under the night sky, the venue had a breezy vibe to the decor with a sprinkling of fairy lights and candlelit lanterns that added a golden glow to the occasion. This created the perfect atmosphere for the couple to celebrate their love and bask in the adoration of their families as Jason and Cynthia both enjoyed a quick waltz with their parents.

Reception Decor with fairy lights Reception Decor with lantern

Traditional Saree
Silk Saree

Traditional reception Reception entry

Red lehenga
Sequined red lehenga

Dance PerformanceWaltz with parents Waltz with parents Wedding Celebration

Advice For Couples
For Cynthia, it was a challenge whittling down her guest list so that her wedding could be more intimate. Also, while her parents went wedding shopping in India, Cynthia made sure she was always in the loop with them and her bridesmaids when it came to selecting outfits.

The Wedding Makers
Venues: Venues: Holy Family Catholic Church, Nazareth, Texas (Wedding), Worthington Renaissance Hotel (Reception)
Wedding Planner: AJacobEvent
Décor and florals: Blissful Celebrations
Caterers: Southern Spice Irving
Groom’s Outfits: PapaTutudesigns
Bride’s Outfits: Alyssa Kristin (Wedding), Silk Threads (Reception), Blushing Bride Boutique (Reception)
Hair and Makeup: J Torry
DJ: DJ Riz Entertainment
Choreography: Livia Thomas
Cake: Love Sweet Things Bakery

Photography: Ivy Weddings
Videography: Memories Films

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