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Busy Bee Studio

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About Busy Bee Studio

5.0 Rating

Busy Bee is an artistic collaboration between husband and wife duo Kinjal and Shashank, a couple who share a passion for photography. The couple started wedding photography services in 2011 and since then, have shot TV stars and ministers. “We met at a film making workshop,” Kinjal says, she adds “we realized we both eat, sleep and breathe photography. Our common interests first helped us conceptualize Busy Bee and help us excel each time.”

For them, wedding photography isn’t just about taking static pictures of the dressed bride and groom. They believe in capturing all the nuances that makes the wedding special. Kinjal elaborates, “It’s about shooting every little detail, every single expression, emotions that’s been put together to make the wedding.” It is their dream to shoot at least one wedding in each city of India, to curate a photographic collection of culture.

The couple provides breathtaking pre-wedding photography, creative videography and cinematography services that act as a great tangible memory for couples to reminisce forever.

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